Hauling along

Here I am hauling along. smashbox sent my package and I was uber happy cause I got a free deluxe sample of their lipgloss Luminous which apparently ppl have taking a liking too. :) smashbox was doing free shipping to the usa states, apparently the 48 states it seems, and if you order tues or thurs you get a lunchtime goodie too! I also got a sample of the O-Glow blush. Haven't tired it yet, but i hear that it turns pink when it hits the air, not that special but go figure, i shall try later. I guess I would have to use my liquid foundation for this, cream on cream, powder on powder. which reminds me where is my hullaboo blush?

Oooh yes we <3 samples and free stuff!
here's a swatch of it, but cmon we want to see what it looks like on lips!

my nekkid lip...oh my!

Smashbox's Luminous lipgloss, yes this was a freebie, and yes it was a full size sample it seems, pretty damn big you know? Not terribley sticky, super glossy and shiny as you can see.

Tokidoki lipgloss Drammatica. Its very bright yes? I think its a little too bright for me. I'm not sure if I want to keep this one, but I dunno....

So since I was applying lipgloss, why not crack open the ones I got from last week? The damn Walgreens ppl taped on their stupid sticker with layers of tape to prevent ppl from stealing I guess. but still cmon! I paid for your damn lipgloss why are you making me suffer by ripping through layers of tape?! GRRR!!!!

Here's a swatch of the colors on my hand. You can't really see the glosses I know. I think they're meant to go on top of other lipglosses. The gold and silver have sparkles in it and is very cute.

Here's the sparking champagne gold color on my lips, as you can see it has golden flecks on it, but that's about it. glossy yes.

Then I started breaking out the other stuff i bought last week! I opened up the L'Oreal true blending compact. So it had 2 compartments and when I first opened it I could only open the bottom half where the sponge thing and mirror where. At least they knew to separate them. yes I saw the pursebuzz vid on carrying a travel brush that is covered instead of using the sponge cause it gets dirty and oily after a while, but for now i'm gonna use it! :P

The top side. yes I tested it, it's a decent color on me, I think i'm not as pale as I used to be now. I noticed that there is some shimmer on the top layer, kinda reminds me of hullaboo blush MAC had. (did i spell that right?)

Then I broke open the L'Oreal minerals thing. Its kinda cute its got these little instructions inside on how to use their product. hee hee.

the packaging is ok, not good for travel, cause the powder gets all over the places if you don't stand it upright.

And this is how you use it, dip the brush which is attached to the plastic top into the powder sifter. Not bad. I remember Fei saying how terrible and scratchy the brush was. i tried it, and it wasn't sand paper which is good, but it wasn't uber soft like MAC brushes either. But the damn thing started shedding like crazy when I started using it! I guess it's drugstore brand and you get what you pay for. sigh. The color I picked was pale and had no yellow undertones and hell i'm asian i'm yellowy, so i had to mix in my Bare Minerals a darker shade in to make it match my skin. Too much trouble i guess for me. It blends well into my skin i guess, much like most mineral make up, i didn't break out or anything, but then I like mineral make up. the L'Oreal mineral foundation is damn pricy for drug store make up it was $15 at Rite Aid and i got it cause of the BOGO, well actually he just took 50% off which was good cause the other item was cheaper so together it was less than 15, it was 10 for two items. :P anyways i'm rambling here. I like my Bare Minerals and will use it it.

hey what about me from last week?! Oh yes telescopic mascara, the one Necessary makeup likes...

My nekkid eye...monolids!!!

this is the brush it has. its not a brush, more comb like.

It does lengthen but does nothing for volume. Not bad, but I feel like my lashes need to be thickened a little. Just me though.

Hey! You're totally forgetting about me! Oh yes you! This large creepy thing is a mascara! It was recommended by that Paula lady. Ok so NOT trusting her again!

My nekkid eye!

Here's the brush, it looks more like a comb, like the rimmel one, which I'm not a fan of.

So here it is! it does lengthen but omg, it causes so much trouble! first side is to prime, then the second is the actual mascara! OMG! You have to have a comb and comb through the lashes you primed and then come through when u apply the mascara. It does make your lashes long, but it weighs it down. A LOT! They also stick together and that just annoyed me to no end! So much trouble for this thing! Thumbs down! unless you have naturally curly lashes and just want length go ahead, otherwise pass on this one...

my creepy eye...yes see how long the lashes are? but they are weighed down. QQ

Ok hope you're all amused by my pics intensive entry. Now I'm off to think about the top 5 worse crappy products, being that Fei tagged me... :P

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