Drugstore Diva!

Ok not really, I'm still sick, ugh, it's not as bad as it was before. i'm only coughing up one lung now. Mostly cause of phlegm and all, then the rest of the time i'm pretty much normal and ok. Its weird, I'll be sitting here being all ok, trying to eat, and then I'm coughing up a lung...go figure. anyways i'm alive now....

And being that I had free time I looked at the drugstore circulars. so far duane reede is sucking a lot in the BOGO dept. But I did find a couple of nice things...now if I could only venture outside to get them. Damn I need to find a rite aid and cvs closer to me!

CVS - L'oreal HIP products - BOGO!!!! I want to check out the paints that I saw on Vanessa's blog. Since I got all the liners...(i should also note this is mostly for nyc ladies, but feel free to check out their website for exact things. I noticed the ones in queens had more BOGO than the Manhattan locations)
Maybelline mascara - BOGO! Not sure if i want to try any of their mascaras due to the bad reviews of them out there. What do you ladies think?
Neutragena make up is buy one get one half off. blah!

Rite Aid - Cover Girl BOGO!!!! haven't really tried their stuff, though I may pick up their lash blast...
L'oreal Vive shampoo and condition BOGO!
L'oreal Liquid Makeup, Powder, Blush, Concealer, Eye Shadow, Eye Liner or Mascara BOGO!
They also have other makeup brands that are buy one get one half off. But i'm too much a cheapo right now, only BOGO's for me! LOL! :)

Walgreens - Revlon nail or lip color BOGO! They're also having buy one get one 50% off their L'oreal foundation. Blah.
L'oreal and HIP lipcolor all BOGO!

I think that's it for now. Duane Reede is not having any BOGO's so they suck. I'm still sick so I'm not sure if I can venture out and buy this stuff. though it would be cool to buy some crap. buying stuff makes me feel better...

Also goddamn the morons that are screwing up the NIN ghosts site! I want my free downloads and you bastards and screwing up the site! Get off and go away already! I want my free songs!

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MakeupByRenRen said...

ohhhh can't wait for your haul. i love BOGO, that's like the only time I would buy HIP products cuz they can be pricey...feel better!

IchigoBunnie said...

In response to the comment from my blog:

yea since I'm in TX it was sooooo warm lately. I could have even worn a bathing suit outside that day! But we JUST got a cold front today. It's like every few days it's stinkin hot then it turns freakin cold. i hate the fickle weather :(

In response to your post:

I hope you get better from that coughing! I'm coughing too :(. stupid bugs going around everywhere @_@

and yay for BOGO's! ^_^

Fei said...

Why does it seem like everyone's hauling when I take a break from hauling... :(