Chinotto anyone?

I had a strange weekend. Bits and pieces of randomness as always.

WTF is this you're asking. Yeah I was wondering that too. I saw that it was pellegrino, so you'd think ok so it must be somewhat good. they had different flavors, lime, orange, and this one. Ok, so it was the color of coke and not citrus colored. So I figured hey let's try it right?

First sip, i was like OMFG...WTF is this?!

Oh yeah it was bad. It was bitter and gross. course by the 2nd and third sip it wasn't that horrible. Sounds weird I know right?

So i googled it, and found out exactly what chinotto was. Yeah its an acquired taste. Its a bitter little citrus fruit. Bitter alright. I kept researching it and it turns out the hardcore ppl drink it before they eat, it sort of cleanses your palette and makes you appreciate the taste of your food. yeah so that was a new experience for me.

I saw this in the bathroom of Ikea. yeah i was there to pick up a few things, more hangers and dress bags, all those dresses I got at the sample sales need a nice safe home. I found it funny that it was in espanol and english too.

the english version.

Yes i was there for their swedish meatballs, apple cake, hot dogs, cinnabuns and etc. damn there were a lot of kids there, and the line to dump your kid in the giant ball bin was long.

Anyways, go to go talk to the fashion people tomorrow not sure what to wear, cause I want to look professional, but still a designer, and with it, and cool enough to work with these damn fashion people. Sigh. I hate this. Can't wear a suit cause that screams out corp and i'm frumpy and dull and boring. Can't wear outrageous fashion, cause you gotta have some level of professionalism, ugh I hate this. goddamnit stop making this difficult for me!

And for you NYC ladies...mark your calenders! On april 27 its Swap-o-rama! I like the idea of this cause its both good for the environment, and good for your closet and clothes! Cause I know we all have some stuff in our closet that we haven't worn, or realized was horrible, or just takes up space, this is a great way to dump that stuff and let someone else take it, have it, alter it, and make it wearable again. Its like vintage. or new or something. Who knows. It looks like they're trying to organize in more areas too.

Also I hope some of you did participate in Earth Hour.

Even google did, and they reminded people too!

This is a pic from last year in sydney. You can see that the entire city didn't totally disappear into nothing. Its still there, but you can see more of it in a way. I dunno. Its a new week let's see what it has to bring us.

Gloomy outside cause it's raining...

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xppinkx said...

so its supposed to taste shitty therefore the food you wil eat wil taste super goood!...ummm i guess...its like eating suger then eating a strawberry super sour...but no sugar then strawberry its ok...ehh

Vanessa said...

I love IKEA, they have such awesome stuff there at a great deal. You find things there you know you don't need, but will buy I still have those round mirrors I got, 4 pack for $3, still in the

Fei said...

OMG. You can actually see CLOUDS in the second skyline pic. O_O That's kinda saddening. Our lights hide some of nature's beauties, like stars.

My bf's a huge fan of Pellegrino... I'll make him not. LOL.