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so I've been 5 beauty products not to have...hmmm....which items suck the most?

1. Victorias Secret body sprays and lotions - ugh. I dont' like the smell, and once you put it on the smell changes. Sure strawberries and champagne SOUNDS nice, but smells well that's a whole other story. I don't think it moisturizers that well either. The sprays suck. period. I really don't understand the point of them. I mean is it because you're too lazy to shower and then just spray yourself to cover up the smell?

2. L'Oreal Volume shocking mascara - weights your lashes down, sticks to your lashes, makes your lashes stick to each other and makes them look creepy. yes creepy. Not a good thing. I don't enjoy having my lashes being weighed down esp after I've curled them. And I shouldn't have to be coming my lashes after i prime them and then after i apply the first coat on. There are better products there, pass on this one.

3. Pantene shampoo/conditioners, i seriously think that it makes my hair dry and makes more of my hair fall out. I don't like how more hair than usual falls out when I used it. And I really doubt that it strengthens my hair.

4. Nair - This is the WORST product ever. I used it when I was younger when I didn't know any better. It smelled horrid, it burned my skin, caused these terrible bumps on my legs, and didn't remove hair! I know they have a "new" formula but I seriously doubt it. More like they put in more fragrance in it to cover up how bad it is. Oh yeah and it left my skin red and unhappy.

5. Anna Sui Make up - mostly eyeshadows, eye gel glitter, lipsticks, lipgloss. The powders and pencils and mascara and nail polish are good. Ok so why don't I like them? They are HEAVILY fragranced. If you're into that then kudos for you. I don't really like it. The shadows, esp the cream ones that I bought, they're blend-able I guess, but you know what? I got terrible reaction from it. My eyelids were swollen like someone punched me in the face twice, or that I've been crying for days. It was BAD! And they're not heavily pigmented so you have to pack them on. The lipstick did the same thing, not swollen but you could see something was wrong. I didn't line my lips and you could clearly see that the skin around my lips was turning pink! I quickly wiped it off and it took a few hours for it to go back down. The packaging is cute, but that's how they get you. too much rose oil fragrance!

I'm sure I can probably think of a few more now. Anyways not sure who's left to tag. who reads this thing? Anyways...i try to tag the following ppl....

Chi, J.Rose Online, Violet Honey Bee, xppinkx, foodie cutie

Sorry if you've done this already, but i'm not sure who reads me now, so whoever reads this, tag yourself and keep it going, or something like that...

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