Are you serious?

Ok so yesterday the woman who was not calling me back finally called me back. Took her long enough. What happened serious makes me wonder what kind of morons are working there.

Brainless Twit: Hi is ____ there?
Me: Yes This is her.
BT: Yeah I got your number from {insert friends name}
Me: Ok, so-
BT: um so yeah which school do you go to?
Me: (wtf? is this totally random, do you not know what to say? Did you NOT look at my resume?) I graduated
BT: when?
Me: (wtf cut the small talk!) May
BT: Oh ok, well um, we'd like you to come in so we can talk to you
Me: (about fucking time!) Ok when do you want me to come in?
BT: How about next week?
Me: Sure
BT: Ok how about Tuesday, um what time is good for you?
Me: (why is this girl so brain dead?) Afternoon is good
BT: um ok, tuesday 3pm?
Me: sure sounds great (damn is this after your 2 hour lunch and of sitting there doing nothing and of trying to feel important?)
BT: can I get your number again?
Me: (how did you call me then?! My friend gave you my number to call me, even though I called you and left you a bunch of goddamn mesg on you voicemail with my number on it! How did you call me?! Did you loose the number already? Do you have the attention span of a doorknob?! How do you even have this job if you can't keep a thought in your head for more than a second?) Sure ___________
BT: ok so i'll see you next week then
Me: (omfg, what is wrong with you?! gimme the damn address do look like a mind reader to you!?) Oh wait! Can I get your address please.
BT: oh yeah..._______________

I'm seriously wondering how on earth this girl even got a job there! She's completely a space cadet like hello are you there? Can you keep a thought in your head? I must have called you like all week leaving you mesg with my number and you don't call me back at ALL. My friend calls you and gives you my number which you promptly loose, omg can you not keep a thought in your head? Seriously I doubt you can't. I don't know how this girl is even working there. Seriously. Ugh....

In other news, cause I always find random stuff online...edible rice plates! yes! I can't make this stuff up.

Japanese designer Nobuhiko Arikawa of Rice-Design has created edible tableware for Orto Cafe in Japan. Nobuhiko Arika has created a collection of edible tableware, a set of disposable dinnerware that includes a plate, bowl and chopsticks. Made from hardtack, a biscuit dough made from flour, water and salt that has traditionally been used as dry emergency rations at sea, the collection is designed to replace disposable dishware with one twist: you can eat it when you're done.

Sounds like a cool idea. Its definitely disposable. Though I don't think you should use the bowl for cereal or soup, as it would just cause the bowl to loose shape and just give you a liquidly mess. but its an interesting idea. Not sure if everyone would want to eat it. Oh well guess its back to washing dishes for me....

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theChas said...

Hello Etherealprey! I'm just catching up on blogging and comments and stuff. Thanks for stopping by like...a WHILE back, haha. Anyways, I love your blog! My roommate is currently hoping to get into the CIA to be a pastry chef, so seeing all your little food experiences makes me feel nostalgic, ;P. And the edible plates thing is interesting. Those Japanese, always thinking of weird, quirky ways to save the planet. I think it would work for Japanese food since it's in small quantities and pickled...

Sorry about the incompetence of that woman D:. Not cute.

kayebee said...

Edible bowls!!

Fei said...

That's a neat idea. Even if people don't eat 'em the bowls seem like they'd biodegrade better than plastic, styrofoam, or paper ware.

starlit said...

hey, that's a pretty cool idea but i can't imagine it tasting very good. at least it's crunchy. heh.