You Make My Day Award

I got this from Necessary Makeup, and its' good to think of the positive people in your life and of the positive energy they bring. Those listed on my blogroll are definitely worth checking out. But yes there are a few blogs that I just check like everyday and you're in my RSS. Yes get with the program, get a RSS reader and it'll just tell you what's updated and when. Makes my uber lazy life even easier. hee hee. I'm currently using NetNewsWire. (yes I'm on a Mac) Hee hee. no order cause i'm just randomizing everything..

NessasaryMakeup aka Vanessa - your blog is just amazing. I <3 all your tutorials, and reviews and your posts about everyday life and the events that happen. Yes I am clueless about eyeshadow, severely clueless its not even funny. but when I read your posts and see the lovely pics, I realize there is hope after all. That and I love to see makeup porn...:P And because you link me, others can choose to click on my blog or not, I'm not even sure if anyone reads this, but hey *waves* i'm glad that you do.

RenRen - girl I <3 youtube tutorials. Gives me hope that I can avoid stabbing myself in the eye with a brush. That and I like to read about the events in your life. Yes I'm nosey! I give you props for being on camera with no make up....mad props....

ABB - the place that started it all, sigh, let's see, i was clueless about makeup, and i guess a little less clueless afterwards, it has been a positive community where we can see fotd, and eotd and laugh and obsess over the new mac collection as well as complain about crappy products

Fei - you're blog is funny, its honest, its filled with pictures which i like. I like your FOTD and EOTD and I still hope to ninja your DeepThroat one of these days. That and the fact that you humor me. So few ppl do.

Karen@makeup and beauty blog - love the cute pictures with the thought bubbles, love the product reviews and fotd. Plus you're funny.

Mary aka Muluzza - monolid beauty represent! Keep doing the tutorials! And your bf is too cute, you two have matching bangs! lol!

Ginny - we love pictures, and we love make up porn. and through your blog I was reminded of the angry asian man blog. And through that I was reminded of a few other things as well. thanks

Snowkei- for your amazing and brilliant ability with makeup, Monolids represent again. I followed a many of your tutorials, not all successful but still tried.

Stephie, Alienman, celedine, and I know I'm forgetting others, so forgive me as I've been a little nutty today. You're all full of make up knowledge and wiling to share. That and your blogs are fun to read. Maybe one day I'll be able to do a FOTD, or even better a EOTD. But overall, I enjoy reading these beauty blogs, it gives me hope, and it gives me a laugh every now and then. And even though we've never met physically, we're all cool, we all talk we all respond and laugh even though we're separated by location we're all together enjoying life.

I've made friends online before, its strange I know, years ago, I made friends through a common interest, and to this day we still talk online, we communicate through blogs, through emails, through silly comments, we still laugh, we still cry, we still hate each other with jealousy that someone scored an uber awesome internship or gets to move to a sunny warm place. We supported each other through hard times, even through they were just words on a screen, they were there, and they took the time to care.

And even in a more stranger to some ppl thing, I know 2 ppl that met online in a game, (yes I know what you're thinking already, omg that's so lame) Well guess what? They're happy together, they're married, they still play online games, but they're truly happy. And that's all that matters right? Sometimes being online ppl get to know you better than in real life.

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Ginny said...

Girl you're so sweet. I love reading your blog too and have learned so much. You're blog actually makes me hungry, all those pictures of good food. thank you for all you do and all the things i learn reading your page.

MakeupByRenRen said...

great post! thanks so much for mentioning me :) makes me feel special and yes sometimes I do stab myself in the eye with a brush ha ha. i love your blog too sweety...especially your gourmet posts...and you've definitely educated me about going green!

Vanessa said...

I love you! :)

Fei said...

*Tear* Aw, Ethereal. You've warmed the cockles of my heart. What's a cockle anyway? I googled it and it's clams... Well, you've thoroughly warmed my clams.

I'll have to gather a list myself when I find the time. There's much too many people to list. I've made so many friends online, and whether I've ever met them irl or not is beside the point. You learn so much about a person that it feels like you've known each other forever.

missjaclynrose said...

just wanted to say *HI* since i clicked on the link from Nessa's site. =) and I do read your blog.