wtf, sick again

ugh. my life of fine dining is on hold at the current moment. I think I have for the first time in my life, suffered food poisoning. It's so not fun. Last night it started and it was quite horrid. running to the bathroom repeatedly through out the night, then this morning. i think i've lost about 10% of the fluids in my body or more at this point. But slowly it's leaving my system so I'm starting to feel normal again. Sigh. was gonna have brunch at a brazilian japanese place. sigh. More food pics coming up soon. I hope you guys were amused by my green post. More info and stuff coming up. As soon as my system returns to normal. I was tempted to eat clay to stop my body for purging. but then i realized my body is trying to get rid of this for a reason, so cmon now time to get it out. sigh. hope you ladies' weekends were a little better than mine. No I'm not watching the superbowl. I'm rolling my undead lock into kara again.

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