Most of you know of today as happy commercialized candy and underwear day. A day where you buy over priced candy and flowers to give to your female counterpart and then eat some outrageous dinner somewhere. But some of us forget that today is also V-Day Until the Violence Stops V-Day is an organized response against violence toward women. I am not a feminist. I am not an actor anymore. But I am a woman. And it is what defines me and makes me who I am, along with race. I worked on the Vagina Monologues during my undergrad. It was funny, honest, new, refreshing, empowering to watch. I was lucky to have gotten that experience.

My Vagina is ANGRY! Not a little but ANGRY!!!!! Damn she knew what she was talking about. cold instruments, evil devices! Don't get me started!

Hair! Oh yes, men have an aversion to hair. I could only find this version on youtube, my friend performed this piece and it was sincere and funny when she did it.

it was honest, and funny...

and this one...this one is a not so happy one, its powerful, its emotional and it made me cry. This one was added, as the writer adds one each year, and this one deals with the atrocities of Bosnia. Do not watch if you don't want to cry.

So on this day celebrate that you're single, celebrate that you're with someone, celebrate with your parents or family or friends. But remember that today is also V-Day.

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