Toy Fair 2008!

Whew I've been busy the past couple of days! Met up with my friend in Jersey for lunch and to catch up on old times, then went to the toy fair, then went to the Foo Fighters concert, today I'm just a little tired to say the least. Lots of pics of course. Still trying to upload my bootleg from the Foo Fighters concert last night. But anyways onto the Toy Fair!

it was happening over in javits here in nyc. Today is the last day, I went on Monday and it was crazy busy and crowded. But there were no kids and infants allowed at all! Thank goodness for that! I hate screaming kids. It's a damn trade show not toys r us for your kid to break stuff and go screaming around in.

woot ugly dolls! They have a huge display! So many ugly dolls! The creators of the ugly dolls went to my school too! Damn such a simple Idea. why didn't I think of it yet?

more ugly dolls, i think this is some of their newer stuff. They didn't seem to mind that I was taking pictures. They were busy talking to buyers. Yes if you weren't a buyer most places would be like fuck off! though some places were nicer than others.

that's marie osmond, apparently she had a line of creepy dolls, you know the type, the ones with glass eyes that stare at you and secretly plot your death at night while you sleep. note all the old ladies there. Creepy, god I hope I don't turn into one of them later in life. Also the dumb lady that is totally screwing up my pic to the right, was a complete moron that was unable to take a pic with her iphone, (which she obviously didn't know how to use) and wore too much cheap perfume. Lady I don't want to smell it if I'm 5ft away from you. Can you imagine how I felt being forced to stand next to her? *barf*

plush animals, kinda weird, cause some of them were kinda life like in a weird way. They were busy talking to buyers and didn't notice me at all. hee hee, I took a ton of pics, close to 200 all on my flickr. These are just a few highlights.

yes he is made entirely out of lego, minus the golden idol he's holding, but damn that's a lot of freaking legos!

Indiana is also getting a lego game too, they were showing the trailer on a screen above him.

Star Wars Lego! That's A LOT of legs to build them with don't you think?

this guy had some cool science stuff. All the items there were floating in the air, no wires or anything. I think he used magnets or something. But the gold buddha was spinning around in there too. The old guy then gave me his card if I had any questions.

So they had Green Toys there, but the dumb news person, who is a blonde, just jumped in there, made everyone move, and was pretty dumb. She did about 3 takes while I was there, not the sharpest tool in the shed, and she was on her 4th while I left. I guess that's why she's covering the trade show and not in the studio being the anchor.

Gwen Stefani dolls! Super kawaii!!!!

creepy dolls, These are the spiderman 3 dolls, why is spidey wearing cloth? Or posed like a ballerina? They totally ruined it and made him foo foo. Ugh. Why do people do that? They also had the Naria dolls, more creepy and the Golden Compass dolls more creepy, but those were no photoz plz, but don't worry you're not missing out on the creep factor.

He's pink, and I'm not sure what he does exactly, BUT he was cute.

shooting guns using the power of marshmallows. A very interesting idea yes? Looked pretty fun. And it didn't hurt if you got hit by them.

Spongebob! He was part of the TY booth, the ppl who make beanie babies. too bad they didn't let me get a free sample of him hee hee!

being that guitar hero is so hot now, and is a great game, not as awesome as rockband, they decided to expand and make it into a portable hand held device. Ok I don't know if that is such a great idea, i mean the idea is to play the actual guitar not some mini tamagochi. But hey that's just me.

And this is the bitch I ran into at the Toy Fair, mind you the only bitch that actually managed to sour the day with her rude i'm a bitch actions. There is being a bitch and then there is just turning into a belligerent cunt, which is what she is. I took a pic of her crappy booth, which was filled with cheap plastic toys, and as you can see is cluttered and looks like those shops in chinatown. She goes psycho postal on me, freaks out, and shows just how big of a bitch she can be. She calls me ma'm, which is like wtf? do i look like a 45+ woman to you? Obviously you have a problem with the fact that I'm not and you are and want to get me annoyed by calling me that. She says there is no photography and i apologize as there was NO SIGN indication such as all the OTHER exhibitors displayed at their booths PROMINENTLY. And the fact that she had a shitty little booth I didn't think she would notice much less care. Cmon I took pics of the big names, like LEGO, Mattel, Ugly Dolls, K'Nex, Hasbro, etc, and she's going crazy? She stands there demanding I delete the pic I took, in fact she stands there looming over me, as if she wanted to snatch my camera away, WTF? Then she became even more rude, I could have just walked away, which is what I was doing, but I was being a nice person unlike her. Well guess what? i still have this pic. So everyone STARE! OMG corporate spies will see everything! She had cheap plastic wears, in fact you can see her in the pic, its the white woman with short hair on the right side. She had knock offs of the Super Mario mushroom, and I should report her to Nintendo and see how she deals with that. I do not like being treated so rudely esp by some belligerent cunt. And I am posting this pic everywhere so everyone can see it.

So after leaving that psycho's booth, I came upon this one, and was instantly breathless. They had HUGE nightmare before christmas displays. I was in awe. So was everyone that walked by. They all stopped to take a look. There were 4 people taking pictures already, 2 of them were press and snapped away. I asked the people there if I could take a pic, and they were like sure go ahead. Cause people were also curious to why so many people were taking pictures and that caused more ppl to go to their booth. See they're smart and nice!

They had the actual town there, the entire town, it was beautiful! It was huge too! If you <3 Nightmare Before Christmas you would have loved this booth.

It's Jack dressed up as santa! And Sally too! They had lots of figurines and toys there!

These are remote controlled cars, they're super cute aren't they? you can control zero or jack or the mayor. One of the buyers was next to me writing down what he wanted talking to someone, going I want 1000 units of this one, 500 of that one, and damn I want that one for myself! I need to complete my collection. LOL. it was kinda cute to hear him talk like that, like a big kid.

Jack in bed reading Yule time stories. Kinda cute isn't it? I love Nightmare before Christmas. I also took another pic which I wasn't suppose to, I realized that afterwards, but I'm not going to post it since they were nice to me. But they made awesome stuff.

I found my old teacher there too! He was promoting his My Beating Heart. He made a smaller one too.

Ugly Dolls! Life size, super cute! This is Wedgehead, I was trying to get my pic with them but the guy who I asked to take the pic, jumped into the pic himself. like wtf? Why do i want a pic of you for? Are you that vain? Get over yourself!

Also I went to play a joke on someone's friend there too, he was at a booth and my friend on WoW asked me to go find him and deliver a mesg to him, sure fine since i'm there right? So i go there, say the mesg which is "You're a bitch" and that ___says hi. He went like omg! how did he know?! He was like no matter where I go, he always finds me and gets me! LOL! Course we end up taking, and ask him about his company. take his pic and send it to my friend. But then it started to get weird. Cause he was saying he was in town till the end of the week and if i wanted to hang out and stuff. Since they were looking for game designers and I had some interest in it. It started to get weird and i was like um yeah thanks I have to go now...ladies you know what I mean, when you get that weird feeling and just want to leave. My friend told me later that his friend called him and said OMG You got me again! And that I was pretty hot and why did I reject his offer to hang out? He also asked him to put in a good word for me. Oh My!

Then there was this other old guy who made kites that was talking to me. the guy was old enough to be my father. And he was hitting on me, after years of practice. I was trying to be nice and leave, but he kept talking and following me. so finally i was like yes my name is ______, at that point I decided to assume the identity of my male friend. I'm from NJ, I work for a distribution company. ok bye! As I was trying to get to the lower level i ran into him again and there he was yelling out my friend's name. I look up and see him. he asks to "hang out" on the lower level I say I have to go meet my friend, He's waiting for me. yes please leave me alone. Dude you're old enough to be my father! Cmon!

But I did get free stuff, which is great, not as much as I did last year, pins, puzzles, magazines, books, posters, catalogs, postcards, keychains, dice, etc. Not bad, last year was better. I'm recovering from the Foo Fighters concert last night, my throat and voice are shot, my body aches a little, and I realized I'm not as young as I used to be...sigh...

And here is me bootlegging, well attempting to bootleg. I had my crappy camera with me, and it only took about a min of video, sigh that and the fact that it wouldn't let me zoom in too much sigh. yes i was really far away. they played the garden and sold it out! it was an amazing show. Pics coming soon! :)

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missjaclynrose said...

hi WoW girl, =)! That toy fair looks awesome. Do they only have that on the East Coast? I should check into it and see if they have one here in the LA area. I would love to take Mr. Man there.

And blah to creepy old men and dudes that can't take a clue.

Could you purchase items there or was it like an exhibition where they displayed products and talked about their company? As you can tell i don't go much to trade shows.