snow day!

it snowed today while I did laundry. it wasn't over crowded today kinda empty which was good. I look out the window and there's snow. go figure. hee hee.

And with V-day coming out, I see the shallow biatches with their claws out now. You know what I mean. Here in nyc, i see them more in droves. Kinda annoying, all these shallow, ugg wearing, coach wristlet stuffed to the max, velour jumpsuit, high maintenance, vaseline wearing, over processed biatches. That draw a better picture? And all those shallow biatches are gonna be clawing for that blue box that they are expecting on vday. Now I see vday as something different. I like flowers but they die fast, so instead feed me, chocolate yes, dinner yes, feed me, watch me stuff my face, yes. I think one of the best things I got was an Edible Arrangement

hmmm yes, its a bouquet and you can eat it! I'm all about food yes..but this is is yummy fruit, so yeah I'm all for it! at least it doesn't die you know? (i got this arrangement when I was still working at the law firm. It's great to get stuff at work to help make your day go by faster)

anyways being in nyc, I see just how shallow some women are. kinda sad. Cause all they want is that bling or heart shaped item in that blue box and those red long stem roses which are jacked up on that one day and are just worth $10 the next day. sigh. competition among shallow biatches. Though one thing that I'll never forget is, there was that one year, or maybe couple of years when cause I'm in NYC a bunch of husbands/fiances/boyfriends went to Chinatown and bought fake Tiffany jewelry and then gave it to their wives/gfs/ etc, AND bought the box from Tiffany. Now you'd think they'd be happy right? OH hellz no. They have to show off and brag. They decide to take their "jewelry" to the real Tiffany store, because a REAL Tiffany piece gets free cleaning and fix ups and such. So they decide that they NEEd this. They go to show off basically, and they are basically told, NO! Take your tacky cheap metal imitation out of our illustrious store immediately! Get out! And dump your cheapo bf! LOL! Moral of the story is don't be one of those shallow biatches clawing for a blue box.

With that said, hope you ladies have a good vday. please check out the vagina monologues. Its really honest, funny, real and refreshing in a way, go read or watch it. I was lucky to work on a production of it. It was really good. I'm not a feminist, I'm just saying...stay warm ladies....

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Fei said...

I am TOTALLY asking for an edible bouquet of flowers. O_O

MakeupByRenRen said...

oh my goshhhh i can't believe ppl actually do that, crazy!