omfg i'm sick again

how is this possible. here i am ready to post about the foo fighters concert when this has taken over me yet again. ok so i screamed like a banshee tuesday and screwed up my throat. yes i probably exposed myself to about 100000 dirty ppl with dirty germs and one of them probably infected me and incubated in my body. right now i'm cold, still cold and shivering, and achy. i think its safe to say i'm sick and this sucks. its also snowing like a freaking bitch outside too. so unable to get quality drugs to knock me out so i can sleep like a normal person and stop shivering. i think 3 blankets should cover it but why am i so goddamn cold? ok...i'm alive somewhat....

last night during my raid, i kinda got pissed off at what happened, i think we should use dkp now. nuff said...i am so delirious and sick, someone post more make up pics for me to look at!

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