mini haul

went to cco this weekend to pick up some stuff. kinda sad that i didn't get to buy everything. sigh. right? anyways went to a store called just the company and they had shu uemura stuff there, shadows, glosses, and the spray and stuff. i was tempted to get it, I really was. i sprayed myself with the water and my face felt less dry which was nice. I remembered Fei saying how the shu lip balm thing was a glorified chapstick so i passed on it. I went to the CCO instead and saw lots of MAC stuff. I kinda got excited to say the least. They had the studio fix plus spray in the old bottle. And some charged water. Sprayed myself again. Was amused. Looked at the MSF, they had goldspill and it said they had shimpagne but they were completely out, not even a tester was left to be molested. meanwhile this chick and this annoying fat dude were there totally hogging up the MAC area. like wtf? She seriously grabbed one of everything it seemed. And when I started to look at some MAC stuff they would immediately crowd around me and try to push me away. wtf? get over yourself you !@#$%^ anyways, they had some 3d glosses there and i was like WTF? I spent 14 on mine and you're selling the same color I love for 10?! WTF? Kinda pissed me off a little.

So I ended up picking up Mac Hullabaloo.

now i started reading up about it on specktra cause the tester was this pink matte powder but the actual new package showed it to be shimmery. Kinda strange. After more reading on specktra i realized that the top layer was frosty shimmery but after that the powder underneath was matte, and a lot of girls there were like wtf? Its not a highlighter its a blush. Ok its a blush, its ok I need a blush so that's ok, and besides I have my drizzlegold. :)

i used this yesterday and it was shimmery and i was happy. just a little goes a lot apparently. but then i started to see the matte color under and went wtf? Oh wellz, drizzlegold will take over for shimmery duties. this will take over for blush.

my new grown up wallet! yes its' blue and its coach! And it shall replace my Paul Frank wallet that screams out I'm a poor student. I know when I used to go drinking with my friends at school i would take out my wallet and they would look at me like oh ok she's a poor student. then look at my id and go you're how old? WTF? Shut up and let me in already! Yes I'm a poor student why else would I be drinking your crappy $6 pitcher of beer?

the back of the wallet. a place to put my change. or something like that.

I'm happy with my purchases. I gotta get a stable 9-5 job so I can buy me some jimmy choo shoes. there's an outlet at woodbury and i saw some chick squeeze her fat man feet into a delicate pair, i felt so bad for the shoes. it made her foot look wider and manly. it was pretty bad, she needed a pedicure really badly, and she's squeezing her feet in, and it was like omg! you're feet look horrible in it. just bc its jimmy choo's doesn't mean ur feet will look better in it! Ugh, her feet looked worse, she couldn't walk and was wobbling around in it. Moral of the story, if you can't walk in it don't squeeze ur foot in and try to.

Anyways haven't been wearing makeup lately, not inspired, got sick over the weekend too, wasn't cool. my grandma made some vegetarian dishes for us to eat yesterday, but its not the big new years dinner, everyone's suppose to show up next week. My grandmas house was also freezing cold. my aunt was telling my dad that it costs $500 to heat the house. my dad was like it costs him $400 for his house. wow, that's a lot to heat a house. My aunt was like yeah $500 was just to heat it, doesn't include electricity and all that other stuff, so that's why it was cold there and they were wearing jackets inside, i thought it was weird to say the least. Plus the bathroom upstairs the light still doesn't work and they don't know why, its probably an electrical wiring issue or something, but instead they have a floor lamp in the bathroom. i kinda think that's a bad idea, lamp, wires, shower, water. you know? sigh, but whatever. I kinda feel bad for her, living in there like that. no light in the bathroom and no heat. eek. its like 11 degrees here today, i hope they turned on the heat, or at least used the fireplace.

Anyways its cold and I'm still sick...let's see what tomorrow has to bring.

*also as a side note, i have to vent a little. i really can't stand ppl who are SO self centered and SO self absorbed where everything is always ME ME ME ME ME ME! Ugh I really cannot stand that. With that said there is one person that is seriously starting to annoy the crap out of me with her ME ME ME ME attitude. With that said, that's why I haven't been around a certain forum/blog I used to frequent during the summer. Now I just avoid it cause quite honestly its' gotten really dumb and retarded. that and the fact that the whole ME ME ME ME ME ME attitude has gotten real old real fast.

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Vanessa said...

Nice haul! And I agree with you, I hate the ME, ME, ME attitude too, one of my pet peeves!

MakeupByRenRen said...

hey hon, i really like that blush shimmery thing...i dont think i've ever seen it before...coolio! seems like you've been sick 4-eva! luckily you got ppl taking care of u...sounds like someone around you is being a self-centered a-hole, huh? i hate that!