I'm alive somewhat....

man, being sick was not fun, i'm still a little sick now too. Friday was just bad, i was cold, freezing, put on socks, and sweats hid under 4 blankets and was shivering still. i passed out from shivering i think my body was tired, and then woke up sweating like crazy. the weekend was spent being uber sick, took some drugs but they didn't so to help much. couldn't sleep cause i would cough and wake up, cough some more, my throat was killing me, there was a HUGE lump in my throat that hurt when i tried to swallow it was bad. Finally monday I had enough, I had to go see a doctor. My doctor a happy little cardiologist that also moonlights as a internist was out of town for a week! WTF? Nowai! i tried to find another one. My friend recommended her doctor which was 10 min away from where I lived. i called and they were like sure come, and I was like do you take this insurance? and they were like what you're a new patient? oh too much paperwork come in tom instead. WTF? I'm sick you know i sound sick and cough and pheglm on the phone, and you're too fucking lazy bc there's paperwork involved? How rude! Needless to say, 2 doctors later, and a call to my mom I found one, its my dad's dr, i saw him when I was a kid and he gave me shots so i went. course they lost my file again. apparently if you don't see this dr like every couple of months your file disappears again. This happened 2x already, so i had to fill out more paperwork again. Geez it took like 2 min to fill out paperwork, I don't understand why that fucking stupid other dr's office was like oh no too much paperwork, come in tom. WTF? Don't you WANT my money? My business? That was just a crappy lazy move on her part. So i went and saw the dr, who was amused by my ability to be totally ok with whatever. I was like i'm dying give me something for my throat, give me morphine anything! The office lady, was trying to take my temperature said i was at 106. she was like nowai, you have a fever? I'm like I dunno. She touched my forehead and tried to take the temperature again. the dr was like 106, ok, take some tylenol, but nothing else if you have a fever. He gave me some nice antibodies and told me to take some robitussian. Oh yeah the good stuff, god i hate that liquid crap. But whatever, I'm just gonna take it. The antibodies are nice, they made the huge burning lump in my throat go down in size so i can swallow without wincing. My SO googled it and was like damn, this is hardcore stuff its used to treat influenza, and then started naming all these other diseases. I'm like its not working!!!! I was horrible last night, i slept for a few hours, work up coughed up my lung, then tried to sleep again, woke up after 2 hours and then coughed up my other lung. Fun right? passed out again and then realized it was 10am. i think i slept 6 hours, which is more than the previous night. The side effects of this drug are funny, causes sore throat, fever, loss of appetite, headache, nausea,diarrhea, seizure, and flu like symptoms, awesome, so now i'm wondering if this drug works or not, cause of the side affects, am I better or not? I'm not really sure anymore. But at least my throat is better.

I will admit during this time I haven't really eaten anything, aside from soup and stuff, lots of tea and some OJ, very liquid I know. the lady weighed me at the dr's office too. 118. So I lost 2lbs from the time I saw the gyno. could be that i'm on a liquid diet at the moment. But this medication forces me to eat before i take it, which is good cause now i'm eating again. Not a lot but still eating.

The strange part was that I haven't raided or been on wow for a couple of days, my friend wondered what happened to me, and asked if i died. In a way I did. Told him I was uber sick, before i was sick, but now i'm uber sick. he said to get better cause we raid on thursday. lol....always put it in perspective right?

its really weird for me not to be getting hungry. But I know its just a side effect of the drug.

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Vanessa said...

Feel better Jen!

Fei said...

AIYA. That sounds terrible. I've been that sick before and it's no fun... :( Rest up. That's an order!

Violet Honeybee said...

Awww *huggs poor you..

Go watch the movie it'll make you feel better! It kinda followed the book but they left a lot of stuff out, which is to be expected when you have a book -> movie.

Yay! Wower! ^-^ I just started playing wow so I'll noob lol..

I hope you feel better! I'm terrified to go to the doctors because I'm deathly scared of needles.. >.<