so this weekend was me suffering with food poisoning, yeah that was fun. NOT! my friends suspect it was the damn wannabe trendy restaurant that we went to. i don't know what it was, all I know is that if I wasn't a germaphob before, i'm like uber germaphob now.

We went to see my friend who recently is now single and living in his new bachelor pad in manhattan. He's got a view of the statue of liberty. well somewhat, its just a blip of light of sorts. But he does have an indoor pool, and gym, and laundry room and it's pretty cool. his apt is pretty big and well sized for one person. and of course he had his large tv on the floor and his massage chair facing it. the basics yes? So we went to go eat at this restaurant named Gobo, which serves vegetarian food, cause my friend is a vegetarian, thank goodness not a vegan. The place was filled with wanna be trendy people which were fake and trying so hard. The whole I'm being so healthy conscious eating organic food while wearing these designer knock offs and chatting loudly with my ugly uggs on scene was kinda lame for me. Plus the insanely dark lighting in the area didn't help either. We walked in and were a large group, the hostess said it wouldn't be too long, course she then told us after we were waiting for a while that the table she was waiting to leave where still there, chatting away like squatters. Finally she let us sit at the makeshift bar, and then was told the kitchen was going to close at 10:30 and that we should order now. We looked at our watches and it was 10:25 already. WTF? Talk about being rushed. We quickly looked over the menu to decide. I didn't like the service at that point. We were finally seated next to the table filled with squatters. Omg they just sat there and talked till we finished eating our meal, and then they finally left. omg don't u have anyplace to go? ugh. anyways onto the food.

this was a candle on our table, this is how insanely dark it was in there. I hate it when restaurants are that dark, its like i can't see my food! i want to be able to see my food, that way i know if anything fell into it!

yam & yucca fries. yucca was incredibly starchy and heavy. A bit much. The yam was a little lighter, but i hate anything potato that's remotely orange. grrr....

scallion pancakes with mango salsa. I didn't taste no mango in that.

fake meat aka soy protein with sweet and sour sauce and broccoli. yeah, fake meat...

organic oyster mushrooms, with asparagus and fresh lily. Ok I now know what fresh lily tastes like.

more fake meat, aka soy protein with chinese broccoli. again with the fake meat

pineapple fried rice with more soy protein and avocado. Didn't have the stir fry taste to it.

and of course a cappuccino to wash t al down with. the flash is too strong and the restaurant is too dark.

coffee in a french press. Coffee tastes more boldful and tastier in a sense, but its kinda bad for you. You're not suppose to drink or eat the coffee grinds.

so you get 2 cups out of it, don't drink all of it in there, you don't want to drink the coffee grinds. And a fun time was had by all, till the part where i got he food poisoning and had to run to the bathroom for the rest of the night and the next day. But I am better now. I can have solid foods again.

The waitress there was nice, she messed up our order a little, and spilled the water onto the table and menus, but she was funny and probably new so we didn't mind much. But food wise there are better restaurants out there to try than this one, esp without those annoying wannabe trendsters. its bad enough they go and flood beer garden but now they want to pretend to be green and healthy too? ugh.

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MakeupByRenRen said...

i hate super dark restaurants too...it just throw me off center...my roomy is a vegetarian so i've grown to like many dishes, but that sucks the place you went to was overrated