So last night I attempted to make cupcakes. I don't know what came over me, maybe it was cause they were using the oven, and I figured why not? the oven's already on. So here we go, time to make some cupcakes! Now these aren't the world famous Magnolia's Cupcakes. Yes I <3 their cupcakes, when I was in school we would always try to go get some. (yes they were on SATC, but I go there cause they make a mean banana pudding!)
this is the mix I used. Yes I used a mix, did you actually think I was going to stand there and measure the flour, yeast and baking soda? This is me after all. Besides they say the mix is better in that the baking factory has access to ingredients, machines and mixes it up in the correct proportion.(so says Alton BrownAlton Brown is on foodtv and explains a lot about cooking and food) Baking is an exact science, its not like cooking where u can add a dash of this or maybe add some of that, no baking is exact you screw up the proportions and it will screw with you.

the equipment. Looks easy enough right? No I don't have the uber awesome kitchen maid mixer, if I did, oh watch out!

some real milk. some real eggs...don't be afraid these are not non fat or low fat...this is the real stuff

yes its REAL butter. It came from a cow! Yes a real cow, not that fake margarine!

mixing the wet ingredients, i forget if butter counts as a wet or dry ingredient, course i was already in the kitchen and too lazy to check google at that point. hee hee...bad me i know...

the chocolate mix was added in, the box says its organic, whatever. So there, its chocolatey!

so i put some into the small silicon cupcake thing I got for my bday

not putting them into the larger silicon cupcake tray thing i had.

into the oven they go!

left over batter, damn i filled up 30 cupcakes already, and there's still some left! What to do?

take some of these, roasted or oven roasted walnuts and then add....

add some slices of banana, people like banana with nuts right? it should be better with chocolate right? well this is left over batter i can experiment, I put a hersey's kiss inside one, and then for some reason sprinkled Ovaltine on another. (European version not american version, there's no sugar just malt)

anxiously waiting...look they're rising!

the first batch is done! yay!

The big batch is done too!

ok, so when i tried to take them out. the silicone should have made it easier to pop them out. it wasn't, that and the fact i didn't flour or butter or grease the insides, yes bad me. AND the fact that I didn't use those paper wrapper things. Yes apparently you DO need the paper wrapper things. Yes i know, I'm making cupcakes not muffins here. The one shown above is the one with the hersey's kiss in it. it melted leaving a gooey center. yes that was nice. :)

last batch the experimental batch. I greased the insides with *gulp* olive oil. yes I know! Why didn't I use butter? Cause I need the butter for baking! hee hee!

so here's the last one. they came out rather easily cause i greased it with olive oil hee hee. Over all they're pretty good cause they're from a mix. :P the banana ones are pretty good, the banana got mushed up though, so i think i'll mix them into the batter next time instead of slices, and the walnuts are good :)

So I've learned a few things. Use paper wrappers! Make frosting, as frosting makes everything better. course I didn't have any powdered sugar sigh. Note to self buy paper wrappers and powdered sugar, and some vanilla extract, the real stuff not that imitation stuff. i went online to look at all the pretty cupcakes out there. I feel inspired....soon enough these babies will look damn good! Real good! not dieter friendly, not diabetic friendly, its the real stuff people, no low fat, skim milk here! :)

I aim for cupcake greatness!

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Ginny said...

your cupcakes look yummy. i told you everything i come on your blog i get hungry. they look good, but like you said cupcakes are very good when made from scratch. not really scratch but adding your own ingredients to it, like vanilla and so on. can't wait to see your next batch.

Meo said...

yum!!! now i want to get my hands on cupcakes!! lots of them!!! they look reallllly yummy.
so r u suggesting to mash the bananas into the batter?
what kind of frosting would u suggest on getting?

missjaclynrose said...

those cupcakes look good..

that's so cool you play WoW. I contemplated in getting into it, but from what I heard, it can get very addicting. Most of the guys at my work play and they always can't wait to finish their work shift so they can go home and do a raid. LOL.

not enough girl gamers out there. but they are there. I should try WoW one day. and if you don't see me updating my blog, then you know why. LOL.

MakeupByRenRen said...

mmmm num num! those silicone things have always looked so cool to make me want to bake some for my honey for v day