so last month which was my birthday I was out and about, boozing it up, eating and having fun, we all remember that. course during the course of this I totally forgot to renew my ny learner's permit. (don't ask why i don't have a full fledged license yet that's a LONG story) so now i'm walking around with an expired permit, great just great. my only form of ID is expired. and i renewed it in 2005 with no problems. but now on the damn dmv site its saying that the only way to renew it is to have taken the test within 2 years AND 30 days prior to the expiration of it! WTF?! last time you just let me renew it! So now it seems like I have to go take the damn written test again and be subjected to the stupid eye test! OMFG! I'm totally pissed. I HATE the DMV and they're stupid rules. And its raining now, not snowing, but its freaking cold outside! Actually last time I just changed the name on my permit but still they let me do that without any issues! WTF! OMFG I do not want to go there and take some damn test again. I hate the DMV.

Also I found out from my friend who spoke to some ppl about a position I applied for, graphic design position. and the people there said my portfolio was "too creative" wtf?! its a damn graphic design position! You're suppose to be creative! OMFG! First the toy ppl say that my portfolio isn't geared toy design and looks like an artist. WTF? Now these ppl are saying my site is too creative? WTF? I think its just code for its too colorful and immature looking. looks like a cartoon and we want boring business corp crap. ARGH! Can I get a break at all?!

Oh and then I found out that not all the CVS stores are doing the maybelline BOGO, only certain ones, so ARGH! I have to go to one in queens that's far away according to their website! QQ! Someone give me a break!

*edit added*
ok. i emailed the dmv and they sent me the most stupid email, please check our website, i am a lazy worker. i don't want to do any actual work and i want to check my emails and surf the net than to actually answer your question. I called them, had to call 2 numbers because no one answered the first number. The person on the phone actually answered my question. In order to renew your permit without hassle you must have taken the written test 2 years prior and renew it 30 days before it expires. if you do not met that criteria you must take the test again. damn bastards changed the rules! so i would have had to taken the test regardless. sigh. Oh well, whatever. I don't care. I'm just gonna read up on the manual. plus i know they changed it cause they wanted my $55 to take the test. that and they do a lame eye test at the dmv. read the last line, seriously i want a job where i do nothing all day but make ppl stand on line, behind the yellow line and crap. sigh.

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MakeupByRenRen said...

dang that sucks...well you just gotta do what you gotta do right? i hope you have a better day tomorrow!