the aftermath

so yesterday was highly uneventful. i was building more ugly websites again. Cause the person who said I was "too creative" wanted to see some websites and print stuff I had done. So what do I do? Go build some ugly, boring, plain, simple "clean" websites. Blah. what a waste. Had to show some print work too, didn't have a lot, didn't make flyers that much, made some, and put it online. then i was having issues trying to make a gallery assuming that they didn't have the flash plugin so i had to just javascript instead, that was a nightmare to say the least. but i got it done. note to self, get job, never look back at ugly stuff again. sigh.

anyways yesterday was v-day and what happens? nothing really. didn't go out was stressing over building all these sites and trying to get them done by today and send it to the lady. sigh. didn't go out though i did want to at the end. Things were gettin pretty bad here with the in laws. sigh. First my friend who has a preggers wife ordered her an edible arrangement. Since he was at work and didn't have a doorman he sent it here where I was. Ok, no biggie right? So they buzz me and I go down to get it. Course the in-laws are both home for some unforeseen reason. Ugh. I so need a 9-5 job to get out of here.

First the doorman wasn't downstairs and it was the porter and he didn't know what was going on when I went to pick up the arrangement. So there were 2, and they were heavy and i picked them both up, one had his name on it the other didn't but the porter assumed they were both his, so i was like ok lemme take one up at a time. I put them on the kitchen table and go on my way to continue building websites. My mother in law comes in all crazed, proclaiming that she knows best. Sigh. Don't ever get married. Seriously. Of if you do move far FAR away. She goes is this chocolate? Pointing to the chocolate covered fruit inside. I go yes. She goes OMG! It WILL MELT! It will MELT in this room temperature! You should have left it downstairs where its cooler and where any moron can walk in and take it cause the porter didn't know what was going on! OMG your chocolate covered fruit is going to MELT IN ROOM TEMPERATURE! She complains and nags, and NAGS and NAGS, and insists that I move the arrangements to an open window. Yes it was about 30 degrees and super windy, and we're on the 8th floor. OMFG she put the arrangement ON the HEATER next to the window with the window open! WTF? I was like are you fucking kidding me? First this is NOT my arrangement, I was NOT going to leave it downstairs where it would get stolen. In fact my friend called me to see if it came or not. I told him what happened, and he was like wtf? I told him that she INSISTED and moved his arrangement onto the heater next to the window. you know that totally didn't help, in fact it just made it sweat inside the plastic wrapping, and being in direct sunlight and the fact that it was on the HEATER probably would have made it melt. I moved it away and she comes back and announces and yells that it will again melt in room temperature. OMFG! i was so annoyed. I told my friend look you better hurry after work to get it cause she's a nutcase today. She was pretty insane lately. I don't know why.

So it also turned out that the 2nd one was for me. awe. not from my friend but someone else. yes all go awe. anyways didn't go out to eat, i totally just wanted to get out of there, it was getting tense, my in laws were arguing like crazy. wtf? right in front of me. the dad in law was critique and complaining about stuff the mom in law was doing. i think she had had enough. like wtf? i did all the cooking while you sat there and watched tv at the loudest volume all day. and u have the nerve to complain that i'm at the table with my apron on? Ok she had a point. That and she was eating roast duck they bought and she pulled off a piece of the skin and he started up and critiqued her. I think she lost it at that point. like wtf? Why are you even talking? its my food and i'll eat it the way i want. ok got tenser.

Sigh anyways here are some pics of stuff. my friend also made me some banana pudding, the magnolia's recipe. and it was damn good!

the bottom of the box

on the kitchen table NOT on the heater!

oh the fruit inside looks great!

my arrangement opened up!

close up of a flower hee hee

more pics of it hee hee

It was quite tasty. the chocolate covered orange slices, yes that's what it was, was quite good too!

chocolates i got

they're Belgium chocolate.

that's the second layer, yes they were yummy. they're hand made apparently. and very good, godiva is too commercial for me, so this is pretty good. plus the way they wrapped it they didn't use any tape, just paper and a ribbon. not bad right? They're all assorted so you don't know what's in there, plus I'm still looking for the one with the nut. One had banana cream in it, so that was yummy. anyways hope you all had a fun or at least interesting day yesterday.

now i just hope that the lady finally calls me back for the job. well interview, and i have to take the civil service test. but damn city job!!!!!

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Incandescent said...

Aw I always pass by the edible arrangements shop in my local mall and think, wow I wish someone would buy one for me >.< that looks delicious

Fei said...

I am officially MAD at the bf for not getting me one as I had instructed. lol. It looks delish!

MakeupByRenRen said...

i soo want one of those edible bouquets...i definitely showed it to the BF for future reference :)