what's in my bag?

so Fei tagged me....there is always tagging going around...anyways this is what's going on in my bag these days...

so this is my bag, i've been carrying it since last year. i got it as a bday present, yes its lesport sac tokidoki line. Its a bunch of pirates...yarrrgg!!!!! I really love it. I love the print and the design of it. I have a bad habit of trying to buy every back from every season since the beginning in almost every style too. yes bad me. but i can't help it, its oh so cute!

and this is what is rocking in my bag...I don't carry a lot as you can see. if it rains i'll carry a small umbrella too. But this is pretty much it, plus my wallet which is in bad shape, so i shall now show you how sad it is. Then there are papers in my bag that are receipts to crap i don't know what I bought.

1. metrocard! this is how us new yorkers get around. I remember when it first came out it was blue at first. replaced the ugly token, its so much easier now, swipe it and go. no change, no asking for change, just go.

2. my coach change purse. its old as hell, i've had it for 3 years i think, holds my change and the key to my mom's house. Its a dark red and shiny, makes it easy to wipe the dirt off.

3. keys! coach daisy keychain. Super cute and I like it. takes a beating but still keeps on going. And of course I have all those annoying cards on my keychain, from petco, walbaums, sephora, borders, dsw, pathmark, duane reede, etc you get the idea. Those points do add up after a while.

4. Anna Sui compact. I got it solely because of the look of the compact, i love the golden butterfly on it. Inside is powder that I use through the day if I remember to make myself less shiny.

5. MAC 3D gloss in 3D. I love this color, I love this gloss, its not sticky and lasts a decent amount before food comes into the picture.

6. Anna Sui Moisture gel - i use it when i have dry patches on my face. it dries like a primer though. sigh.

7. lip balm. i usually use Kiss my Face lipbalm the organic one, but i couldn't find it so i ended up using this one which has no petroleum in it. pretty decent not complaining.

8. blistex mirror. yes its a lip mirror pretty damn small, for when i am too lazy to break out the anna compact if i'm somewhere unruly, like the train with uncivilized folk. you see every kind of wack job on the train, and i'm not taking out anna for that.

9.Body Shop Brow pencil. To make sure I have eyebrows throughout the day, due to the fact that I had an unfortunate eyebrow tweezing accident when i was in high school. Warning to those thinking of plucking, let a professional do it, and don't let your idiot godsis do it by pulling out 7 hairs at a time.

10. *not shown cause it fell into the depths of my bag* Dior blotting papers, and it has a mirror inside it as well! For blotting and controlling oil throughout the day.

I have to say the key things in my bag are the blotting papers, and my lip balm. I'm one of those ppl who need to have their lip balm or I will be an unhappy camper. Very unhappy.

Who should I tag? Anyone want to Volunteer? Hmmm... I don't know who else to tag, so whoever wants to go show off their bag go ahead! Don't be shy!

Its freaking cold here in nyc....gonna be in the 20s now. isn't that great?

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MakeupByRenRen said...

hey honey! thanks for tagging me :) lol but I already did a purse videooooo, I appreciate it though! I think I did it before I realized it was a tagging thing haha. Anyhow, I have that blistex mirror too. That compact is super cute, my eyes immediately shot to it...and i lurveeeee that bag...i like things that are colorful and funky b/cuz i'm trying to be bold and create a new style for myself...more funky than my super girly feminine style from before. you and i should go shopping one day ;)

Fei said...

haha. I'm so glad I'm not the only one without a whole makeup counter in her bag. :p I had that bag!!!!! The exact same one! Nordstrom Rack had it at $90. I returned it because I couldn't see myself using it often enough.