randomness of stuff cause i'm sick

still sick, getting better. sigh. I was going to start writing about the natural way of life, going more natural and organic. I had started doing things like using better natural products years ago but i just didn't realize it till now, that it was me being "green" which i wasn't really planning on doing. since being "green" is the newest trend and cause the celebs are into going to whole foods, everyone is jumping on the band wagon. but honestly a couple of years ago i started doing my own research on stuff, and some of the stuff i found shocked me, so tried to find alternatives. Knowing that the snuggles fabric softener turns you into a human torch doesn't sit well with me. That stuff is worse than pouring gasoline on yourself via Zoolander. Anyways will blog about that in next post promise. this post is me posting pics of yet another birthday dinner, well after birthday dinner I had. Since I'm sneezing about every second now. I took some vitamins, some drugs, and some OJ, I'm hoping to recover already.

My friends too me for a b-day dinner, another group of friends, and it was after my bday but hey better late than never right? So they took me to this thai fusion place called Erwan Yes all I do is stuff my face or think about stuffing my face...more foodie pics hee hee....


shrimp dumplings

Duck Breast. Seared, with taro mash, and spinach. Quite tasty overall, but it was a little bit on the dry side.

Poor Man's curry. monk fish and broccoli. monk fish tastes like lobster.

thai shrimp scampi

roasted chilean sea bass. very yummy. I <3 sea bass. yes i know its not good to keep eating it. it's being over fished i know, but sigh it's good.
cappuccino to wash it all down

banana tart dessert. tasty!

Brulee raspberry cheesecake

And thus a good time was had by all. course i'm sick right now so i'm getting slightly delusional from the drugs and exhaustion i'm feeling as well as the fact that i can't breathe through my nose anymore and it just sucks in general. Though i would like to get better faster so i can go out into the world again. sigh.

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MakeupByRenRen said...

mmmm I love your food pics! get better soon :)

Vanessa said...

Feel better!