More food! So thursday me and my girlfriends went out for dinner. there was traffic and they got there late. and i was waiting wondering what happened. we were going to eat japanese but ended up eating shabu shabu aka hot pot in the area instead. we found super awesome parking in the front of the restaurant as well, which was cool. so we went inside and stuffed our faces

I ordered the pork, my friend ordered the lamb, and my other friend ordered the fish. I'm not big on fish, esp being cooked in there, but that's just me.

veggie platter and some noodles in there with some fishballs and other stuff

cooking the stuff away...

short ribs, very yummy

taiwanese sausage. i didn't know such a thing existed but it was good as well.

We talked about stuff over dinner. though one thing that bugs me is that one of my friends is how shall we say very frugal, and then has the nerve to go criticize some other girl for being uber frugal, don't hate that you didn't think of it before she did. and the thing that bugs me the most is that she goes around telling people her man makes 6 digits, but then turns around and goes and says she's broke, how she can barely afford lunch and how she has to clip coupons to buy cheap soap from walmart. WTF? do you just want to brag? is that it? You're not broke, you just want to talk and brag about how much $$$ you have, and that's geez how do I say it? tacky. tasteless. immature please grow up, we're not 15 here. the fact that you're criticizing some other girl for being cheaper and smarter than you, well damn that's just some hate there.

After dinner we went next door cause my other friend had to pick up food for her man, who apparently cannot eat alone and is unable to feed himself. Not bad for like 30 something year old guy not to be able to feed himself. i got some bubble tea and waited for the rest. We went out to where the car was parked and my friend got a ticket! WTF?! What is that for? We paid the meter! it had 4 minutes left! WTF! Why you give her a ticket for?

so this is the sign, we were parked on the other side of the arrow so we shouldn't have gotten a ticket, but the !@#$ meter maid decided otherwise. wtf?

that's her car, and the meter. It had NOTHING on it indicating you were not suppose to park there. nothing, it was functioning and working and took our quarters. it had 4 minutes left when she went outside, guess the meter maid got all itchy and decided to write it out and go to the next car to fill up their quota.

all the people behind us parked and paid the meter. and yes they got tickets too, wtf?

these are some more signs. they were at the end of the block, and if you looked at where they were doing the special construction, the space you weren't suppose to park started AFTER where we parked in fact we had another space fit for a car in front of us before the sign said construction. So the meter maid was apparently unable to read the signs themselves, and decided to ticket everyone because their lazy ass wanted to make their quota and go home, cause why would they want to stand there waiting for the meter to expire when they could just write all the tickets up now and then leave. WTF? Do your job. if you hate it so much quit and get a better one, its not our fault you work at a job you obviously don't like. this seems to be true for most city workers. disgruntle and shit. ugh.

today i had a birthday dinner with my friends. it was nice, pics of that coming up. 2 days my birthday!!!

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MakeupByRenRen said...

dang meter maids :( that sux. at least you got some bubble tea...i love that stuff...haven't had it in a while...maybe i'll get some tonight :)

MakeupByRenRen said...

dang meter maids :( that sux. at least you got some bubble tea...i love that stuff...haven't had it in a while...maybe i'll get some tonight :)