It's easy being Green

Or rather trendy. These days it's more trendy than anything. Sigh. It shows how shallow and vain our society is that when celebs jump on the bandwagon the rest of us follow. I was doing this natural organic let's not rub ourselves to death with chemicals long ago. Course recently what I've been saying and doing has been deemed "trendy" *sighs* sheep being lead to the slaughter....(yes this is a product review of sorts, I'm just rambling right now)

Ok, so here in NYC, the recycling program has been active and running for years now, people know they're suppose to recycle. Its really not that hard, and its always been part of something I've always done. so imagine my surprise when I go somewhere and they don't recycle. Its just weird. What's more weird is my friend who's also a vegan from canada came here and was uber shocked cause apparently in toronto their public trash bins are also recyclable. Now for NYC not to do that, well that seemed kinda dumb, you're making ppl in private homes and apt recycle why not do it in the public? Well apparently now, the city is just starting to get the clue.

ok so finally they're getting the clue. I think most New Yorkers recycle and throw out their trash most of the time. the fine for littering is pretty steep.

I also went to an environmental school, actually it was my elementary school, and somewhere in the middle suddenly decided we're gonna be all about the environment. I think they lost the bid for being the performing arts school, which is where i ended up after this school. go figure. anyways, i was what 10 at the time, and here i am learning about global warming, overflowing landfills, endangered species, pollution, the list goes on and on. It was something I became fully aware of and I never thought of it as being trendy or green. More like doing the right thing.

Ok so now here I am, a grown up and these are the things that I do for a more organic, natural way of life. I can tell you the changes I've seen. No this isn't me getting all preachy, relax.

I highlighted my hair to a nice red shade. Red fades the fastest, sad but true, makes you stand out and looks damn good on me. Ok my ego was a little inflated there, BUT after doing research I realized the lovely sulfates in commercial shampoo pretty much stripped your hair of its natural oils, that and depending on which sulfate it was, alum or the other, it was really harsh on your scalp and hair color. So to keep my hair color, I got a sulfate free shampoo. the first one I tried was from Burt's Bees.

Color Keeper Green Tea & Fennel Seed Shampoo. Sulfate free. It's almost 100% organic. Not that I really care. I just wanted it to be sulfate free. My hair color stayed for a month, a strong red. The only thing with this shampoo is that it doesn't really lather well.

So after that bottle ran out I ended up using the Origins Mint Shampoo. I liked using it before, gave you a tingly feeling. Course when I started to use it again, my scalp felt super dry. It was weird. I didn't know why. Oddly enough when I used the new Head and Shoulders sample I got, my scalp and hair were pretty happy.

So then I got the Kiss My Face Shampoo.

This stuff lathers really well. And its 100% organic. Whatever, not that I care or anything. My scalp is happier, I realized after using the sulfate free stuff, and going back to commercial brands my scalp was not happy and freaked out. It smells pretty nice too, the lime really smells nice, its not over powering, in the shower you smell it but when you come out, its pretty faint.

I love lip balm, esp ones with spf in it. Their line of lip balms are awesome. The texture of it isn't greasy or waxy, pretty much glides on easily, no weird slippery waxy feeling. I like it, and I have tried pretty much all of their different flavors.

This one is my second favorite. I highly recommend these products.

Moving right along...a few years back I saw this story on the news an expose of sorts. It was about fabric softener, and that bear is just a decoy to distract you from the truth. The reporter who did the story basically showed two kids jackets. One washed with fabric softener (damn you bear) and one without. If you saw the results you'd be freaked a little. The jacket with the fabric softener lit up like it has gasoline on it. The one without, took a bit longer to set ablaze, probably giving you more time to stop, drop and roll. Course if you like your downy ball you'd probably have enough time to drop before you were burnt to a crisp. I read the print on the bottle in the store, where it tells you not to use on flame retardant clothing. Hmmm...I wonder why. Most commercial fabric softeners are made from tallow and animal by-products, and a few other things that would normally make you light up faster than a fire cracker. I personally liked fabric softener as my sheets and pillowcase and blankets and etc were so nice and soft. Now imagine you sleeping on your snugly bed, there's a fire and you light up in a bed of flames. Not the kind of thing I want to be worrying about.

So did some research and found Seventh Generation. Its a cool green company. I use their fabric softener cause I like the scent of lavender and that I don't want to be flammable.

I highly recommend to everyone to get a natural fabric softener, those couple of seconds of you being not flammable may give you enough time to drop and roll.

I'm currently using this fabric softener because when I got to the store the seventh generation one was completely sold out! Ecover is a great Aussie/New Zealand company. They also make a delicate wash liquid detergent, which was featured in a magazine article that I read.

It was some lingerie designer who was discussing the care of intimates. She said she used this delicate wash detergent, and a large jar, and I mean large, filled the jar with warm water, poured the detergent in, screwed the capon tightly, and then rolled it on the floor back and forth, causing an agitating motion. She said she liked the ecover cause it was plant based and gentle enough on her intimate undies.

and for those of you who shop at Target, here's one from their Method line. Its natural not organic, and you won't light up like a firecracker. Their line is natural, and toxic chemical free, which is something we should all try to avoid. I have a ferret, and I did not want to use any cleaning products that would be harmful to her. So i switched and used some of their products.

And since we're on the subject of laundry...I use the Seventh Generation Laundry Powder. Why you ask? Powder cleans better than liquid. you get more out of it, and it doesn't waste petroleum like liquid does. That's just my view on it. i worked and majored in theatre during my undergrad. I worked on a lot of shows. There was one show that I worked on where the costume person was using shout on the costumes, white costumes that were covered in make up from the previous night and then threw it in with powder detergent. after the spin cycle we took it out and it was clean! I was amazed. He was like yup the powder is the good stuff. its heavy to carry, but it lasts longer and cleans better. If you had seen this, it was a nun's habit, the white part, and it was covered in makeup, stick foundation i think, i didn't know if it would come out, the guy was like yeah, here put some shout on it, and throw it in. i didn't question him, he obviously knew what he was doing. hence why I use powder.

I used the orange citrus scent. The box lasted me a LONG time, like a year, I definitely got my money's worth. They also make one without fragrances. But I am amused by the fact that its kosher-certified. ok. its kosher. It also has non-chlorine bleach in it, which is good, read your labels ladies, some whites say non chlorine bleach. Keep your clothes happy. One thing that annoys me, is that if you do not use a fabric softener with this detergent your clothes will feel rough. I can't really explain it, it happens mostly on jeans, they feel rough and stiff without fabric softener. But since I use softener with this stuff it doesn't happen. It happened that time i ran out of fabric softener.

I use Tom's of Maine Toothpaste. I've been using it for a while. I guess i wanted a more natural toothpaste entering my mouth. I like their whole care line. Less chemicals the better. Cause you know this stuff can be absorbed through your mouth and skin. If you can't pronounce it do you really want it in your body?

I started using their mouthwash after I learned that the Listerine one I was using, Orange was bad for your mouth,it basically killed everything in your mouth, including the good bacteria. It was too harsh, my mouth felt dry, and it didn't feel right. So i started using this one. I don't actually have dry mouth now that I stopped using that horrid Listerine. Though the thing that bugs me about this mouth wash is that you have to wait 30 min before you can eat or drink. I guess its the fluoride left in your mouth chilling. One thing I did notice was that when I used the toothpaste that was the gel, my mouth got dry, weird I know, but the mouth wash cancels it out. So I learned the get was too drying for my mouth, and I just use the paste.

Whew that was long wasn't it? Just one more...

I eat Stonyfield Yogurt. Why you ask? Do you know what carmine is? or Carminic acid is? You should read up about it. You will be grossed out. And guess what? its found in yogurt. Your yogurt that you're happily eating. Carmine is ground up bugs used as food coloring if you didn't click on the link yet. Are you grossed out a little? If not continue to eat your commercial yogurt. If you are grossed out read on. Read labels ladies! That stuff is in a lot of food out there, yogurt, grapefruit juice, waffles and anything that is red or pink or in that shade family. Read labels! I for one didn't want to eat ground up bugs in my yogurt so I eat stonyfield instead. Its all natural and has a couple of live cultures which is good for your digestion. Note the Dannon Activa has carmine in it last time I checked. Sadly so do strawberry Eggo waffles. Yogurt helps with your digestion and makes your poo softer which is good. Add in some flax seed people and make your hair and nails strong too.

Aren't I just full of info? Hence why I am always trying to live a more natural and somewhat organic lifestyle now. I'll go into the whole natural vs organic debate later. And don't get me started on the whole carbon footprint thing. Its better to buy from your local farmers because they and you waste less gas, energy and resources to get the produce. Its usually fresher, and they usually don't use as much bad crap as stuff that is mass produced. But that is another story. I hope you were amused by my long entry on green things and that you've learned a few things and have taken something away with you. You only have one body, take care of it.

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wow I learned a lot from your post...the bug dye part kinda freaked me out :( I'm glad you're on point with being green...i'm going to make more of an effort to do the same