Happy 2008, I've been a slacker and productive and then catching up with some old friends. 2008 started off bad for some, and worse for others. but no negative energy here. I'll blog about that later. But here is a belated picture heavy of the hauls I haven't posted. Mainly the Betsey Johnson Sample sale, where stuff was just obscenely cheap, and my sephora haul. Note to self I have too many concealer brushes now...stop buying stuff...

I have the traveling concealer brush and now this one. ok this one is for the eyes so I feel a little bit better. It was on sale at sephora, and I heard Becca makes nice brushes right?

I bought these for $10 each, I think I should return them. I saw them on Alienman's blog, and figured ok, for problem skin right? I think it gave me weird mini zits when I used it that time. So not cool. Then again I'm starting to believe that you really don't need to moisturize your oily bits. cause i'm using the lancome cream for my cheeks and they're ok, i don't moisturize my chin which is breaking out and its ok too. go figure.

And now the long awaited Betsey Johnson haul. damn I am lazy. No resolutions for me. I never keep them anyways...blah...hee hee...anyways moving on.

so i got this skirt. the pic on the right is off somewhere else. not mine. its to show how it looks when being worn. it only cost $15. oh so nice....

yes this pic doesn't do it justice at all. It looked really bad on the rack, like a blob of fabric, course once I tried it on, that was another story. Even at the sale women were ripping off clothes to try on stuff and when I tried this dress on, ppl were surprised it didn't look like a bag.

so this is what it looks like on an actual body. note the model does make it look pretty yes? Ok so I'm happy with these dresses. And they make me look oh so curvy hee hee...

here is a up close swatch of the green dress. I think I'm gonna wear the green dress on my birthday.

a white dress. Brattenburg lace. I had seen this dress at a previous sample sale, but some ugly chunky biatch stole it from me, she snatched it up faster at rack and then proceeded to squeeze her fat ass into a size 4, which she clearly wasn't, and stretched it out. you could see the dress stretch and struggle, she was in total denial that she wasn't a size 4, u could see her pop belly and her thighs in that dress, totally horrible. Her friend who was with her didn't tell her that it was bad and let her buy it. what kind of friend is that? anyways i found this dress again in MY size, if i'm a size 6 then fine i'll buy a size 6, but i'm a size 4 and not in denial where i try to buy a size 2. its a very summery dress. something for a warm tropical island maybe hee hee...

another white dress, cute and simple. and the dresses were only $30, not bad, you get crappier dresses at forever21, so why not get a betsey dress instead? hee hee.

a cute sample skirt. very cute, love the bow, it has a tag that has written on it that the trim and style is approved but the ribbon bow is too stiff and to make another one hee hee. for only $15 why not? a true one of a kind find.

a purple sweater wrap thing. more of a summer/spring thing. not bad, pretty cute, i like these sweaters of hers, super long sleeves. only cost $15. hee hee.

Ok, now i'm all sneezy, i've been swiffering, and damn there is a lot of dust. I'm sneezy today. hee hee. Also I've noticed that Duane Reede is having a 50% clearance sale on certain products. I've been uber tempted to buy them, but then I have to think do I REALLY need this? probably not. Though I was curious about the Neutragena nail thing that leaves a clear non smelling coat on your nails so they can grow healthy, and some revlon stuff, but sigh, do i really need it? Physicians formula was on sale too. sigh. ok no more buying of makeup or anything! maybe a MAC blush from the fafi or heatherette collection. hee hee...but that's it!

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