Birthday Dinner! Well it was over the weekend on saturday. My birthday is actually tomorrow, though I doubt anyone remembers, because you know my friends have bad memories. That and they always conveniently forget and expect me to give a present for someone else's birthday that they all seem to remember. I cant' help but feel shafted. But i'm glad for those that do remember and I do appreciate it. Course after last year I got super pissed as everyone plainly forgot, i asked to go to dinner the weekend before and no one responded at all. >.< I don't think I'm demanding or bitchy most of the time, but this time it did come out. They totally forgot and had the nerve to say we should hang out for so and so's birthday and give her a present. WTF? Did you just completely forget mine? Well I was annoyed to say the least. i got on a plane and flew to PR to get a tan instead. hee hee. course everyone remembered about 2 days after my birthday. I was on the beach at that point and didn't care. I'm so rambling here. Anyways no more wasting time on friends who forget. no more wasting time on this stupidness. I actually had some idiot friend who claimed to have old bday presents for me, which she never gave, i think she just said it cause she forgot, to which she should just own up to it, but whatever. We ended up having dinner at this classy restaurant called Cafe on the Green. It used to be silent screen star Rudolph Valentino's house back in the day. It's a pretty damn big house considering there is an upstairs.

so here's the place! It's green!

the place setting, how cute the napkins are folded like a little man jacket. hee hee

This place is a class place, as some ppl would say. I told my friend from college that I play wow with that it was kinda dress up, like no jeans...which isn't too horrible you know? But his response was funny

Me: yeah so this is a classy place,
Him: You mean I have to dress up?!
Me: Its just like going to work
Him: I wear jeans to work!
Me: Bah! would it kill you to look presentable?
Him: Bah!

LOL. I love him he's such a sweetie...

bread! with olive oil and hummus, not haggis. Its got eggplant in it and was oh so yummy.

Calamari appetizer. Quite yummy. it had deep fried hot peppers in it as well. Crispy and fluffy!

Agnolotti di Zucca. Half moon pasta filled with butternut squash in a sage&walnut buerre blanc sauce. Sweet

Carpaccio di Salmone Marinato. Thin slices of citrus-cured Salmon, garnished with capers and onions. It was salty and it was ok.

Ribeye special with bone in. With sauteed peppers, onions, mushrooms and mashed potato. I had a big bone in mine. but it was quite bloody and good.

My friend's dish. Farfalle Mare e Monti. Bowtie pasta with shrimp, sea scallops, Shiitake mushrooms, diced tomatoes, garlic & oil. He ate all of it and was happy.

my birthday dessert! Yes they came out and sang happy birthday. damn I was embarrassed to say the least.

flash on. Chocolate Commotion. A feather light warm molten chocolate souffle, served with season fresh berries and homemade cookies & cream ice cream. And yes that's a cookie.

Pears & Semolina. Warm Hood River Pears layered with semolina bread, drizzled with hot carmel and served with Macadamia Brittle ice cream. I had some and it had raisins! EWIE! I hate raisins!

My friend's dessert. Holy cannoli! Crispy lace shell, filled with cannoli cream & chocolate chips, surrounded with mango and raspberry sauce. My friend said it was too crunchy and hard and he choked on it a little bit.

Legs Parfait. A layered tower of dark chocolate mousse, white chocolate mousse and chocolate ice cream, with crunchy pralines, hazelnuts, chocolate sauce and fresh whipped cream. Yes those are woman's legs there.

this was a new dessert, it was a granny smith apple with chocolate and some pastry thing. my friends said it was too sweet and too much.

a nice cappuccino to wash everything down with.

damn all I do is eat right? Well I also had a little beauty getting ready drama, the curling iron i bought didn't work as well as i had hoped, no wait actually my hair was being resistant so when i curled it only the bottom curled, and the top was flat. i watched a youtube video and the girl started in the middle and it held the curl better i tried it and my hair finally curled. course i did the pin your hair in pace and let it cool thing and that didn't do anything except keep the curl at the bottom of my hair. sigh. so that sucked. but curling from the middle worked, and my hair was fine, i used the bumble bumble styling spray which apparently did NOT hold my hair at all by the end of the night all the curls came out. i ended up wearing the black dress instead of the green one, drama there. my earlobe was bleeding when i tried to change my earrings. and some skeevy dirty old men were staring at me when i walked into the restaurant in my dress...ewie skeevy...i just ran faster and went to the table. oh and the false eyelashes gave me a crease double eyelid thing. it was a strange night. but the food was great and it was great to see everyone...

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MakeupByRenRen said...

wow that food is high class...those desserts looked awesome, i'm glad you had a nice din din, you deserve it :)