Another bday dinner, BOGO haul and life

Been having some highs and lows lately. My life is anything but ordinary to say the least. Anyways the good stuff, for my birthday my parents took me out to dinner. A nice chinese restaurant. well semi nice, i swear the wait staff was being really weird and doing strange stuff. change a few plates but not everyone's. then give out hot towels to some ppl and not the rest. Weird I tell you, but the food was good. I'm just a foodie aren't i? I swear I'm gonna get fat at this rate...sigh...

this is the restaurant, yeah had the name on the plate to remind us where we were.

fabric decor inside

yummy clams, one of my fave dishes. clams and black bean sauce...

more seafood, these are razor clams with some green veggie that I don't know the name of in english.

yummy watercress. watercress is good for circulation and the skin hee hee!

w00t! lobster!

peking duck!!!!

the legs for you to gnaw and chew on hee hee. they also gave us the body of the duck, bones and stuff to make soup out of. yes we are chinese!

short rib! hmmm is there an animal we didn't eat yet? hee hee!

so that was my birthday dinner with my parents and bro. they were amused. Though they were more amused at the fact that my bro just kept eating...where does he put it?

then the damn duane reede was having a BOGO sale, a buy one get one free sale and hell I am weak so I caved and bought crap. The L'oreal Hip collection and the Maybelline lipsticks, lipglosses, lip products were buy one get one free. so yeah i like free stuff so i bought it. One could say I am weak.

so i bought the hip cream eyeliner and the cream shadow stick. haven't tried it yet. the shadow stick, the gold is a nice color, and so is the blue, shimmery in a way. but after watching youtube reviews and stuff, you do need a base, to help the color payoff. sigh.

i got 2 lipglosses. they're both red. i was hoping for a nice 1940's red, but its on the magenta side. sigh. i don't like the balm that much, but i did test it a bit, after eating and drinking it did stay on yay. in fact as i type this there is still some residue red magenta on my bottom lip, hell i used the lancome bifacil and the shu uemura oil and hell it don't want to move.

i went back and bought more, damn what is wrong with me? i wanted to get the blue but wasn't sure if i should, oh hell i caved and bought it, since it was BOGO i got the brown one since i don't have that color, and have MAC fluidline in blacktrack.

and i bought 2 more lipglosses! I thought the lighter color would be lighter on my lips but no, it was a glaze instead. I started taking pics on how it looked on my lips but the sun was setting so it got progressively yellower. will take more pics soon.

this is the lighter gloss. in sunlight, things are normal right? see? yes i know i have a zit there. of all the places to have one, sigh i'm too lazy to photoshop it out.

and sadly because of my debt and how dumb at&t is being, and the fact that I'm not a liar and lie on my resume like some other ppl I've got to start temping to pay off some bills. have I sold out? Am I where I was just after I graduated college? kinda feels like it. kinda in a funk, but whatever. gotta pay off those bills...damn you makeup!

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Fei said...

I love how you have "watercress" as a tag. As if there's a need to organize all your watercress posts. lol. Ahhh, I'm hungry again. I love peking duck!

MakeupByRenRen said...

man you are such a gourmet diner...drool drool...he he, great haul by the way, i love BOGO!