AT&T are retards

They are the biggest retards in the world. They called me at 8:30 this morning while i was still sick and left this retarded voicemail. I didn't call them till i woke up and felt better which was around noon. hell i'm still sick do i really need this? Ok they are the dumbest idiots on the planet. Payment was sent online to them, which they TOOK and deposited into their own account. Then they turn around and say that I haven't paid them. Oh yeah I was starting to get mad. I called them in the middle of the month to clear this up, and they were like well you have the right account info and all that other stuff, oh we don't know where the payment went. we'll open up a case. wtf? is it my fault you guys are dumb and stupid and lost payment? no. fine whatever. then they said they would clear this up by the 29th. They stupid asses call me today the 30th the day after they said this would be taken care of to say oh yeah we need proof of payment. OH HELLZ NO! I just went through this with you earlier. You guys know you took the money, hell you deposited it in your own account already. And you're giving me crap cause you guys lost it?! WTF?! I totally let that lady have it. I was like WTF are you on?! And she was reading a script. well we need proof of payment, we're very sorry to inconvenience you. LIES! All a bunch of liars! You're all dumb lazy fuckers that lost payment, its not my fault you don't know where you put it, and now you're harassing me to prove it to you cause you're all dumb fuckers. On top of that, she has the nerve to go well there's a balance on your account right now. WTF?! THAT'S CAUSE YOU LOST THE PAYMENTS I'VE BEEN SENDING YOU CAUSE YOU'RE ALL FUCKING STUPID! Go check and you'll see that you lost my payment again! She even had the nerve to ask me for an phone payment. I was seriously mad and I yelled at her. I was like you lost this payment in dec, you probably lost the one in jan as well! Don't you dare ask me to pay you again! Then they wanted me to fax them the proof, geez along with my personal bank info? You want that too? I can't believe them. they are uber dumb. I yelled at them because they stated they were going to fix it, i even had the lady's manager on the phone the last time i called, and they said they were going to fix it. Not only that they said my account would not be charged anything. I also asked this lady that I was yelling at that this better not be reflected on my credit report at all, because this is clearly their fault. she has the nerve to go oh you're no where near being reported. WTF? This is YOUR fault. not mine. YOURS! You lost the payment. you don't know where it went and you are too dumb and lazy to realize that the account number, my cell number and info were on that payment showing you its MY payment, but you refuse to believe it so you're harassing me because you're all a bunch of dumb retards. oh yeah this is helping me and my sickness. fuckers. Yes I'm royally pissed. I love having idiots call me up when I'm sick at 8:30am while I'm trying to get better because they're lazy dumb idiots. I swear I'm changing phone companies when my contract is up. They've gotten way crackheaded lately.

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