Alas...i just heard the news...our beloved Shu Uemura, yes the brilliant creator of the most awesomest eyelash curler in the world has passed away. He passed away last week it seems. :( I always found him to be fascination from being the only male in his beauty school class, facing all odds in doing that, and then going to Hollywood and making a name for himself, and making his own cosmetic line. And he was a man who knew how to make women beautiful. He was a Japanese man and I figured he knew a thing or three about asian beauty. And did he. So with great sadness that he leaves us, he leaves behind his cosmetic line that we hope will do him justice. Even though he sold the controlling shares to L'Oreal and I hope they don't screw it up, he was just a brilliant artist, and I do wish I had the chance to see him in action.

But let us now be sad and depressed let us think of all the great things he has left us...namely that super awesome eyelash curler that I use daily!

I like the eyelash curler. I have the one in granite or slate, not the uber new one, but hell its close enough. comes in a nice case. I also got the corner eyelash curler, cause i'm anal and need to get all my lashes...

I truly <3 this cleansing oil. Yes I know oil you say? I have combo skin, and the thought of putting oil on is like wtf? but seriously this stuff is awesome, takes everything off, doesn't make your skin dry at all, and for a time i was using it to take off my super hard to get off mascara thanks to the Shiseido mascara base. Ok not the greatest to be doing, but the stuff was great to take stuff off, and not make your skin dry. Love that stuff. In fact I have two bottles of it, with different designs on it.
I love this stuff! They sent me a free sample of it when i ordered stuff from them, its like the MAC charged waters. I started using it and it did soften my skin before i moisturized. The scent was kinda strong but I felt that it was ok, being that I was going to sleep and using it at night. Since I ran out of it I ended up using another one I had bought previously. For my oily t zone i just use that and leave it alone and moisturize my cheeks. makes my skin happy.

I was using this last summer, it was super light, and absorbed into my skin really fast. I just wish it had higher spf. Again scented like the rest of the line. but its ok, it's not overpowering to the point where you'll gag.

and who can forget his fake lashes?! Omg they were divine! Maddonna even had some custom made from him, made from mink yes mink and swarvaski crystals for some bling bling. he was the lash man, if u wanted fake lashes this was the place to go.

So let us remember Shu as a brilliant artist and creator of an awesome cosmetic line. Let us hope L'Oreal doesn't screw it up, and let us keep buying lashes, eyelash curlers and waters!

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MakeupByRenRen said...

you know i got the eyelash curler a week or so ago...and i assumed it was the brand new one with the mushroom cap...but I dont think it is! poops...oh well, i've been catching up on your blog...I love your ramblings, you lead a rock-star life...come check out my blog if you have a chance :)

MakeupByRenRen said...

oh yah, I linked you if you don't mind :)

feel free to do the same :)