This morning at 8 am, my friend gave birth to a her baby boy. 5lbs and 6 oz, and i hope they gave her a lot of drugs. I don't know how she did it, but she did, and she'll probably never want to do it again. hee hee. kudos to her.

Yesterday there was a party at the Anna Sui flagship store in Soho. Yes I was there. Yes I got to meet Anna and get my pic taken with her again. course this is the millionth time I've met her, being that I used to work for her. Don't think she remembers me as one of her loyal minions, being that it was well over 2 years since I worked for her. They had food and drinks, cute little tarts, and cute little bottles of water.

I got a free make over with full on anna sui products. Ok, so this was the international anna sui make up artist. This was the one Anna wanted. And she looked pretty good, all put together and happy and friendly. I told her that I had a allergic reaction to the pot cream shadows and i totally stopped using it. she said it was probably the glitter in it that irritated my eyes, or the fact that it was royally perfumed with the smell of rose oil, but I didn't say anything like that. the girl before me was taking absolutely forever. she took more than an hour, and she had the most natural look ever, all she put on her was probably some powder, lined her eyes and mascara, and lipgloss and blush. but she took forever!!!!!
The make up artist looked at my skin and asked me what I did, what my routine was. i told her that i liked sunscreen, and she said i can see that you're breaking out. Man always let a makeup artist make you feel bad about your skin. she was like you're breaking out but you're dry here too. you're skin is having issues. tell me about it. anyways she prepped the skin with the anna sui replenishing liquid, too perfurmey for me, and then put on the moisturizing gel that also works as a primer. and she used the moisturizing foundation powder on me. I asked her a lot of questions about make up which she was happy to answer. she did my eye make up, using the liquid shadow in a tube in a dark purple, she said to blend up from the lashline, blend up not across, like the sunset, colors blending up. then she used a lighter purple in the crease. i asked her where is the crease which she showed me in a mirror. then she added some dark almost black shadow with sparkles on the corners. she lined my eyes and the bottom too, she extended the dark purple she used first under my eyes too. i thought she had used too much but it was ok. she then let me curl my lashes with the anna sui eyelash curler which was cute in appearance but sucked as a curler, couldn't get all the lashes, and the pads were too low and deep into the curler. i used the anna sui long mascara which worked pretty well, it did make it long. :) she put on some blush, it was some holiday set, it had a rose on top of some other highlighter powder. she was like just mix it together and blush it on. don't use too big of a brush cause it'll get everywhere, control it. I think the BEST thing she said was that don't worry, the blush isn't very pigmented, so you can keep adding to it. What? Its NOT very i have to use more of the product, hmmm, I think I'll pass on that. And the lipgloss was pink and cute. she showed me where to start the blush on my cheeks and then extend up. how far is up? she said just a little, you can see, don't go to the hairline now...she fixed my brows and showed me what she had done. everyone seemed amused even Anna who showed up when she was done.

at the end they wanted me to buy like 30+ products, to which i said um no...told them i couldn't afford all that. so what happened was that i scaled it down to 3 items which was mostly from her skincare line. I got the facial soap with a soapdish that came free with it, a purse size moisturize gel, and skin atomizer. not bad right? the makeup artist was like girl you need to take care of your skin, screw the makeup, take care of your skin, i'm like ok, wasn't about to shell out all this $$$ on not pigmented makeup. That and the fact that it smells like rose oil, which is ok, but not every piece needs to smell like it. Her nail polish and nail polish remover is great cause it doesn't stink. But anyways, I got a free goodie bag from the free makeover! yay! free stuff! Then cause i bought some skincare stuff they gave me a free duffle bag as well! I <3 free stuff! yayer! Who doesn't like free stuff?!
this is the cute free duffle bag they gave me when i bought the soap. Hee hee!

detail of the bag, its cute isn't it?! :)

the free goodie bag that I got with the Free makeover!

so inside the goodie bag! I got nail polish, a mirror, and a rouge flower thing, similar to the rouge ring, but its like a keychain thing or something.

the inside of the rouge thing. its more pinker, my flash is way too strong on this for some reason.

this is what the rouge thing looks like, more of a keychain thing I guess

the skincare stuff I bought.

so this is the moisture gel I got, its small and fits in your purse easily. it moisturizes and acts like a primer. smells like rose oil of course.

the soap dish that I got for free with the facial soap. yes my flash is harsh isn't it?

there is the facial soap on the soapdish. Now the facial soap they say is good for the skin for "clearing up bacteria" whatever. It's heavily perfumed. I used it yesterday and today, lathers well, cleans skin just fine, doesn't dry it out so far. BUT we'll just have to wait and see first. I wonder if it will cause buildup, but then again the clinque soap bar doesn't but it's geared towards sensitive skin right? I will have to wait and see.

the face spray. like a atomizer spray throughout the day, refresh your makeup and your skin, moisturizes and controls oil. ok, whatever, it fits in my bag let's see how it works, yes it smells like roses, much like all her other stuff.

this is my very tired eye on the train, its not as fresh as it was before, but you can see the colors right?

this is my eye open, again on the train, not the greatest lighting, and i'm a wee bit tired... but yes they used purple.

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sophie aka 7 said...

i love anna sui's packaging...its so gothic/romantic/chic<3

lols what did u expect with the free makeover? i run when they say free makeovers which is code for "let me put as much stuff on ur face as i can and then attempt to make you buy half of the line"

the duffel is so cute too~~ though it resembles my lesportsac bags with the cartoons all over...

two anna sui splurges within a week? unlucky for me i can't go shopping until finals are over so i'll be missing the sale =(

Vanessa said...

oOoh I love your bag! And that is a hot smoky look on you!