still working on my online portfolio. thank god for xml. makes my life so much easier. for some reason some of my animations aren't playing. go figure. oh well...we'll just have to see what imovie has to say about that.

in other news i started getting rid of more negative ppl in my life. for one, this girl that i used to work with, who never talks to me online unless its to go stalk some boy online. which is seriously annoying. she works at some staffing agency and she said she would help with her "contacts" i seriously wondered how she got that job in the first place. Guess being a dumb girl from long island works wonders here in the city. Anyways, I finally got fed, up, deleted her, blocked her, and wrote her a 2 line email telling her bye. course she doesn't respond. she's far too busy stalking some boy she met online, that obviously doesn't want anything to do with her yet she continues to harass him. No wonder this girl is alone. sigh. Anyways done with that. A new year is approaching and I don't need any more excess crap in my life. I also deleted this retard guy off my facebook. Ugh he was just annoying on all levels. And a perv, like super perv trying to get whatever he can. Which isn't any. Kinda sad. He was annoying and bossy, and most of all a wannabe know it all. During crits where ppl would say yes i like the color scheme or i like how you tried to design the interactive flow, or I don't understand why you did that, can you explain more please? he goes, well that's nothing special, its just ____ font and ____ filter on the image and ____ filter on top. WTF? How fucking rude is that? I KNOW how I did the piece, and everyone else KNOWS what font it was and what filter it was, but you have nothing to say and you're just a prick, so please shut the hell up, I don't value your opinion at all. He was so annoying in the classes I had to take with him, but what was worse was that he had the nerve to contact me on facebook of all things. Ugh. Please...stay the hell away from me.

ok that felt better. i hate stupid, ignorant, ppl.

2 stalkers:

Vanessa said...

HAHAHAHAHA that's why I love you, you tell em like it is, and I feel you! I hate stupid annoying people, I deal with those kinda people at work and sometimes I just wanna strangle people due to their lack of common sense or thereof, and their stupidity.

And amazing when people don't even see when they are annoying!

sophie aka 7 said...

that is so funny! she stalks a guy online? how do you even stalk someone online? always good to detox the bad ppl from ur life~~~