Scored an interview with a large toy company! I'm uber excited. months of being unemployed and retarded interviews finally something worth while! I'm meeting with the ceo of a toy company! He wants to see my portfolio which is in pieces still, course it doesn't help that the flash cs3 i downloaded trial expired, and now totally screwed up all my other programs. yes, flash mx and dreamweaver aren't working now, geez how does one make a nice gallery? thank goodness for xml...alright, gotta dump everything in there somehow and make it look pretty, and somewhere along the line i can put in the videos somewhere. please let this go well, plz let this lead somewhere. plz let me work in toy design!!!!!!

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sophie aka 7 said...

good luck =) just be confident and believe and you'll do fine X)
~~~can u post some of the toy samples from your portfolio? i wanna see~ i heart<3 toys

Vanessa said...

I like these brushes from NYX, I haven't tried any of the premium brushes yet:

*Based on the names they call it on the nyx website...

- Brush for Cheek
- Brush Flat Top
- Brush Fan
- Brush Blender
- Brush for Crease
- Brush Shadow
- Brush Smokie
- Brush Contour
- Brush Liner

Damn...thats a lot haha, more money for me to spend....LOL

alien man?! said...

omgosh, good luck!!

it sounds like a fun job :)