I had saw this on the budget fashionista (I know i have too many in my rss reader) and I was like ok, so they did take the extra step to make the bottom red like Christian Louboutin. I personally don't really think this shoe is all that sexy or pretty. the thing in the front reminds me of the buckle Geppetto had in Pinocchio. But that's just me. Apparently its the IT shoe at the current moment. Whatever. You can buy it off FlyJane if you want. Obviously its not the same as the real thing. Mr Jimmy Choo, and Mr Balanak will tell you their shoe is better, its made in Italy! Which made me think of why Italian shoes are better. I remember while in school that someone had done a project involving shoes and he had to make his own shoe. And if you ask the normal person why they think Italian shoes are better, they'll probably give you the dumbfuck reason they come up with. Most of these reasons are that Italians treat their cows better, hence better leather. Um yeah ok. The truth is, that Italian shoe making is an art form. That when they makes shoes, they MAKE shoes. Apparently there are X number of steps in shoe making, Italians adhere to all X number, meanwhile other ppl who make cheaper versions and crappier shoes do about x-10 steps.

I present a current analogy with makeup. You get up, you moisturize with a moisturizer that doesn't quite cut it, you have dry patches parts of your skin feel tight. You make up for it by dabbing on vaseline on the patches. You don't prime, you just skip to the foundation but u don't use a foundation brush, or sponge, u use your fingers and its streaky, you don't get an even coverage. You brush on powder to set everything hoping it will make you less streaky. You hope. too much powder and you look cakey. You sweep eyeshadow on your eyes, skipping the UD primer potion. (gasp) you sweep one color on and don't curl your lashes. you don't have a lip liner so you skip lipstick and go for the lipgloss instead. U sweep on some blush and leave. Now you look decent yes, but you know there are few shortcuts you took, your shadow may not last as long, more dry patches can show up, curling your lashes would have made your eyes look more awake. And this is what a shoe made with x-10 steps is like.

Now if you do all the steps, you've probably washed your hands, and primed yourself like Enkore has using a foundation brush for the primer as well, and using the UD primer potion. Your lashes are curled, mascara based, and then mascaraed, in fact you even use the highlighter powder too! You look smoking and you know it. end analogy.

Some of you may think what the hell, you don't know me I do what I want, so what if i buy those shoes? Are you against knock offs? Honestly I don't care much. I'm in nyc, hell I see knock offs all the time, it doesn't phase or bother me. though I am impressed at how good the knock off ppl are getting. they give you a dusty bag now too. But here I see them all the time, from chinatown to the seaport, to uptown to anywhere actually. I see them on the train too, I know about more than half of the LV bags I see on the train are fake, as well as the Dior bags and the Balencia and Marc Jacobs bag that everyone and their mother already has. Anyways I digress....this was just to shed some light on italian shoes. Side note, Anna Sui has her shoes made in the same shoe maker house as Jimmy Choo.

Also another interesting thing I read in a magazine this month. Allure magazine who has Fergie on it, massively photoshopped. There is Arty's Shoe Service in NYC who offers replacement sole of pure red rubber, and for $40 they'll custom fit a pair of shoes with brand new soles that look so authentic the nearby Louboutin boutique refers customers to them. On a typical day 15 pairs come through the door an dmail. Now I'm wondering if those 15 pairs are real Louboutins or the shoes from above. But hell the shoes above are like 40 bucks, the soles cost as much as the shoe!

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