I don't do resolutions

I personally think they are uber retarded. You make resolution to work out for once, and the first month of the year aka January is filled with chunky bitches who overpaid for their gym membership. Then first week of Febuary its empty again. Kinda pointless. no resolutions, just things to remind myself of.

This year was a rough year for me, I overcame so many obstacles and challenges. I went to grad school, I continued on, and I had to deal with snotty, talentless ego charged wanna be designers who ended up teacher and had strange obsession with swans. I swear she's like the creepy guy in silence of the lambs who has a skin of dead swan feathers and beaks that she puts on and dances in. Creepy.

I had to deal with liars, cheaters, people who stole your ideas and tried to take the, as your own. I dealt with smart asses and wanna be know it alls, who in turn just used really big words to make up for their many short comings. I dealt with a lot of stupid, fucked up individuals that should not be on this earth and show be in Antarctica where they can kill each other. I realized that if you wanted to land a creative designer or *gasp* senior designer position you basically lie, cheat, bs, show ur boobs and anything else that need to be, steal other ppl's work and take it as your own and just be a backstabber and manipulative asshole. I didn't want that, maybe cause I'm not that fucked up of a person.

But I survived it all. I survived thesis. I survived grad school. I survived the drama and bs of stupid catty girl gossip, and a bunch of so called grad students acting like high school girls. I made it.

I graduated from grad school. I have an expensive piece of paper to prove that I am now a Master of Fine Arts. I had my piece shown in an actual art gallery in Chelsea. Not a fake one, but a real one! It was pretty awesome.

I cleared out negative ppl in my life, I cut ties, I realized some people you can't keep in your life, because they are just so negative, and are too self destructive. I forgave some, but there are some things you can't get over. I realized I have a lot of insecure, negative female friends who in abusive relationships with their bfs that refuse to get out or change it. You can't help someone that doesn't act for help. I learned this and I moved on. I also realized that there are lot of my friends are crackheads, mostly female. I realized that guy friends are just easier to talk to and relate to, and less bs. Except when it comes to girl, then they get all stupid fucking retarded and then I just drink a beer and watch them crash and burn. I forgive some, and let the others go, but in the end I am still standing. I have survived this year. And I will survive next year too.

Some goals for myself next year
* Get a kick ass stable job that will let me buy uber cool crap and make me happy.
* upon receiving stable kick ass job, move the fuck out, take ferret with me
* learn to do kick ass eye make up
* make cupcakes that put magnolia's to shame
* work on those damn projects i have in my back burner

Things I am Happy about this year for
* MAC Drizzlegold - this stuff just rocks
* ABB for helping me and my makeup hobby
* WoW aka Warcraft for making me waste hours upon hours in an MMO
* XML, Flash, Ajax accordians
* NYX for making cheapie make up
* Sample Sales from Betsey Johnson & Anna Sui
* Tokidoki!
* Oreo Cakesters
* Annie's Home Grown Bunny Cereal
* Greek Yogurt

Happy New Year! Let's see what 2008 is gonna throw at me!

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