Betsey Johnson sample sale! Dresses for $30! not bad. I picked up a couple of items, and I was happy being that it was so heavily discounted. It was pretty good. Bags and belts were $10 but nothing that I really wanted. More of that in the next post which will be filled with pictures.

Anyways afterwards I went with my friend to have lunch. We first went to a chinese bowl noodle place, and it was pretty busy. there was a miscommunication between the waiters, where one told us to sit at this table, and the other waiter told another guy to sit there too. anyways, my friend said that we were suppose to be sitting there, in which the guy became somewhat belligerent. He kinda got nasty over something so trivial. it was a miscommunication. geez relax. guess it says a lot that you're eating alone. hee hee. anyways we ended up going elsewhere and eating lunch, and a good time was had by all.
Later this afternoon my friend gets an email from his co-workers that also eat at that same restaurant.

yes that is a caterpillar. yes that was in her food. and yes I'm SO GLAD we did NOT eat there! Moral of this story...don't be such an asshole...yes that guy gets to eat there at his table for one, with that in his food. Guess there was a reason we ran into him, so he could eat there and we wouldn't. haa haa!

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alien man?! said...

o gawd O GAWD
2 things I hate most in the world: bugs w/no legs at all and bugs with TOO MANY legs

o GAWD i don't think i could eat for days or even weeks after that nasty experience

i hope that nasty single diner found half a critter in his spoon haha!

Caramel Mimi said...

Ewwwwww that is the worst.