Anna Sui sample sale! Yesterday was friends only and luckily my friend who works for her told me about it! So I got to shop there without the chaos and anarchy that would have been this week. *shudders* luckily there were not cottage cheese butts around this time. it was quiet and not crazy. there were like 10 ppl in there max at a time, maybe 15, but not filled to the brim with crazy women grabbing stuff. If you're wondering, yes I used to work for Anna Sui before I went to grad school. Yes i had the discount on her clothes, makeup, accessories, and shoes. Though the discount on her shoe were only 30% off as well as bags. Since they were outsourced and made elsewhere. anyways I'm shopping along and guess what? my previous entry of the "friend" well guess what? she was there. totally caught me off guard. surprisingly I wasn't a bitch. i was very civil to her. I wasn't there too long at the sample sale, maybe an hour max being that my friend dragged my sorry ass there. She was like you are so getting up and we are SO going! anyways she was coming up to me and talking to me, about nothing really, we were being civil. I saw my friend there who told me our other friend was in labor. But that turned out to be a false alarm. But anyways, my friend gave me great advice on what to get and dump. she was like yes these dresses are good, considering they were a steal! and she was like no that skirt is bad, it bunches up, or it rides up when u walk or do stuff, dump that, get the sweater. she's my second mom :)
So I picked up a lot of stuff at the sample sale. They were sell 2 racks of actual samples! samples that anna had made and discarded, and they had no sizes, so it was a crapshoot, but luckily i was able to fit into them!!!! the shirts, and trim tops and t shirts were 5 or 10 bucks!!! so here are the pics! cause i'm a show off :P

first up is this lovely top, made of silk, oh so sexy, with two cute bows on the side so you can adjust the tightness of it! I really liked it. Though I have to say, Anna loves using silk, it'll be dead winter freezing and she'll still design with silk, even her fall collection has silk, just the way it is...hee hee moving on....

this is me wearing it, i love the feeling of silk! :)

so i picked up this cute football shirt that she makes, she always makes them in different colors, and they're cotton and cute. Since my friend was working the register she gave me a men's one free, course the men's shirts were in small, cause apparently men like to wear medium and up, so i got a small mens' size, which means i get another shirt to sleep in. :)

this is a trim top, its cute, its a white cotton shirt, with cherries on it. and the bottom ribbon you tie into a bow on the side.

and this is me wearing it, all happy!

super cute blue butterfly tank. its' all blinged out! I saw this and i snatched it up! it was still in the plastic bag!

this skirt was an actual sample, and had no size so i ended up trying it on. It fit perfectly and i took it with me! There was a matching top of the same material but it wasn't anything special. the skirt ended up costing me $25

this is a close up of the skirt. its blue grey, a wintery feel to it, guess i can wear this to holiday parties if i ever get invited to them! I love bows!

this is uber pink right? its another cotton top, its got the skulls and bones on it as well as a pink bow. super cute. I have one in black and purple as well. its got a little pocket thing to put your hands in as well

detail of the pink skulls and bones

this is a dress i bought, it reminds me of alice in wonderland. it looks very vintage retro i know, but i like it.

this is the back of the dress. hee hee, not all conservative and all.

this is the other dress i got. its purple, light, airy, perfect for an escape to a tropical getaway. it was pretty cheap too. only cost me $40! and yes its all silk again. sigh. think of the dry cleaning bill! btw i blurred the background to my messy room :P

these two were really cute and I couldn't really say no, I mean they were only $10! they were samples that didn't quite make it. They were made by Ali for Anna Sui. they're cotton, and swissy. and I love the detail of it

the ribbon that goes around the skirts all say this. self promotion i know right?

Another skirt! yes, this too was a sample. i love the way it felt when I tried it on. It was a sample, I know she did make a skirt like this but she had made a few alterations, but its ok i don't mind owning a one of kind anna sui only cost $25 :p

So this is me in the skirt with the sweater I also got there too. the sweater is super soft, and warm, its by James Covelletti for anna sui. I love his sweaters, they're all so cute and he loves to pay attention to detail and stuff. this one cost me 40 bucks, the sweater that is.

love the bows on the sleeves of the sweater! damn this hand wash only!

Whew! You can imagine me carrying all this stuff home shamelessly, lugging it on the train and being paranoid ppl were going to steal my uber cute clothes. ok it is nyc remember? anyways i was happy and when i got back I got a package from none other than Necessary Makeup! My piggys had come in!

I was a happy ferret that day! anna sui sample sale AND piggys?! :)

Aside from the slight drama that started the day when i ran into my "friend" previously mentioned below. it was a great day. My "friend" had apologized for everything, which I have to say was civil of her, and it did make me feel better that she did it in person and not over an email, or txt which is kinda lame. but it's good that she owned up to it. I have no negative feelings towards her. Kinda like good luck with you're life, i bear you no ill will. But if I find out she dropped names oh it's on!

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sophie aka 7 said...

drool*** sooo jealous~!! my favs r the football shirt, the pink top w/the skull and the dress~~ ur sooo lucky! is the sale still going on and where?

The Faux Fashionista said...

You have officially made me jealous!!!!!! Great haul you got there :)