yes. its true. last night, i went to the hammerstein ballroom and went to a mexican concert. It was uber-weird to say the least. everyone there spoke spanish, a lot of the signs were in spanish. and here I am the token asian person. no wait i saw 2 more asian girls there that night.
So i went to see Café Tacvba. The opening band was a bunch of people wearing those mexican wrestler's masks. They were um not the greatest. They said it doesn't matter what our faces look like as its what's inside our hearts and music that's count. Um ok, you guys need to work on your music more. Some parts was just long and boring the crowd.

There was a HUGE line to get wristbands that you need to get to drink. The security guard with the machine was utterly confused cause A LOT of the ID's weren't from NY, some of them were Mexican or somewhere else. He was confused asking what does this say? sigh.

i went with my spanish speaking friend who told me their current cd sucked but their older stuff was good. Um that's like saying we're going to see Billy Corgan play in Zwan instead of the Smashing friend got me a beer as well, hell i needed it to be there, i didn't understand anything, and geez the level of ghettoness....seriously. First off, people where there with Mexican flags waving them proudly. Ok nothing wrong with being proud but cmon, this isn't a damn backstreet boy concert where you're waving your homemade sign screaming how you love one of them. Ok that was kinda weird for me. Most of my concerts from back in the day, damn i feel old, we didn't do that. I remember going back to the Hammerstein and going damn I was here before not too long ago, I was here to see Offspring, with the horrible Auf Der Maur (she cannot sing hard rock, more pop) saw Zwan there, Garbage, Bush, and a few others I can't remember. God I feel old. I miss my younger days of being dumb and being tossed around in the pit. Damn I was younger, dumber, and healed a lot faster then, I got bruised but they healed faster, now im just freaking old.

Oh and these people were moshing to slow songs! WTF?! They were moshing for the sake of moshing, which kinda ruins it. there was a lot of jumping. In place, er ok. Then the thing that pissed me off was that these fuckers were throwing beer around! WTF? Shit it cost money for that! $7 for a cup, and you're just gonna toss it around? What's wrong with you? All the concerts I've gone to they throw water around, lots of water, even the band tosses water out, the security guards spray you with water, the point is that you don't waste the beer, that is alcohol abuse. Really it is.
So Mexicans, and spanish speaking people love to jump in place. And then one guy managed to get onstage, damn security was really slacking there. Out of all the concerts I've gone to I've only seen 1 guy get onstage, and security tackled him, grabbed him the second he got onstage. (red hot chili peppers concert) This mexican gets on stage, runs around, starts taking his clothes off and grabs onto the singer. Bad security what are you doing? Probably cause they're good at sneaking past the border right? Ok bad joke.

Then one part the singer asks the girls to get on stage. damn a lot of girls get on stage and start molesting the singer, and guitarist. hmmm was that a good idea? they're all screaming something. kudos for you for getting on stage and not getting harassed by security.

After the concert, they gave out crappy stuff, usually i get stickers but this time i got a CD from, the band, ok cool. not bad. We went and ate at a nearby diner and talked about bands and music, which bands i have seen which ones i haven't, and which venues i've been in as well.

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lmao...moshing to slow songs?

queens center sux right?~! filled with delinquents and rude, arrogant #$%! from low socio-economic status'...but its a close drive =p

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