so while i was going through my train case filled with god knows what else is in there, i found a bunch of old stuff in there. i know had to chuck it. Damn I had a lot of mascaras back then. They were all brightly colored to match my hair. haa haa. anyways i found some lipglosses i forgot i had. damn i keep stuff for a while. anyways, i looked at my old mascaras and went damn mascara technology has evolved so much since then hee hee.

I found an old eyelash curler I had, 2 of the same one actually. It's by this company called Japonesque. I bought it cause it was a corner eyelash curler, i used it cause i had stubborn asian lashes.

it worked pretty well, i mean i got to curl all my lashes, it gave me better control, but the thing was that it was plastic and the damn thing would warp! It warped pretty bad that i had to get another one. So now I have two corner eyelash curlers that are both warped. I thought it was just me, but nope, cheap plastic quality craftsmanship. It also took out 2 of my lashes with it that time it warped. So not having it! You'd think they'd have a better product.

so this one is metal. that should deal with the warping problem right? Course I'm afraid it'll give me those 90 degree lashes. My shu one is pretty good, but it doesn't get all my lashes and when they say curl once near the root, the middle and end, when i try to do that with the shu one, it looks really bad. i realized i can only curl once and that's it. otherwise my lashes look horribly mangled. sigh.

why am i even bothering to curl and use mascara when i can just as easily slap on false eyelashes? note to self use false eyelashes more instead now. no more molesting the lashes.

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Vanessa said...

Hi Lovely! I didn't even know you had a blog! I think i've been living under a rock lately...sigh. Or maybe I have stopped by before and forgot. :( I linked you on my site hope that's ok.

You will really love drizzlegold!

The Faux Fashionista said...

Try the cheapo made in China plastic battery operated ones. 5-10seconds on each side and you're good to go. They work awesome on stubborn Asian lashes!