So right now I'm sick which sucks. that's what we all need, to be sick right now. argh. i swear nothing in my life is ever easy. That and the fact that my skin had a major freak out and got incredibly dry, like it's never been this dry before, and I used to have oily skin, but now it's been getting drier and drier, I switched to a dry skin biotherm wash for my cheeks and still used the foam wash for my t zone but it just got worse, where i used the dry skin biotherm for my whole face.

For dry skin

for oily skin

But even then it still wasn't helping! the moisturizer I was using wasn't helping much either!

And i switched from my old moisturizer to this one cause it was heavier and and it worked for a bit but it wasn't helping either. Instead my skin just go so unhappy and irritated and red! I looked like a lobster! No what was worse was that I looked like I was horribly sunburnt! My face was red, but my eyes were ok. Thank god my eyes were ok. But for some reason my skin was painfully dry. Ok so i had to step it up.

I had a bunch of free samples and i decided to use the ones for dry skin. OMG, I <3 l'Occitane! I mean I love their shea butter hair products, conditioners and hair masks for my highlighted hair, so i tired their moisturizers. So i used the heavy duty one, the one that said it would hydrate your skin for 24 hours and has 25% shea butter in it. It didn't feel heavy or greasy on it, It moisturized and made my skin less right and uncomfortable. It was still red, but not the same lobster shade of red. which was a good thing. Course it retails for $36 USD! *cries* can't afford that.

So I ran out of that, and couldn't afford to pay $36 for the full size one. So i had a larger sample of another moisturizer from them.

So this one is made from almond milk...whatever that is. This one costs $38! the site sayd that L'Occitane blends both tradition (the use of almond proteins to firm the epidermis) and science (soft silicium to help support collagen synthesis) into a silky, concentrated milk that nourishes and smoothes the skin. Helps to firm and tone. Suitable for the whole body. Made with almond ingredients of Haute Provence origin, helping to revive the cultivation of the almond tree in the landscape of Provence. Whatever, it made my skin happy, its not as red and not as tight.

I ended up switching my face wash to Oil of Olay Sensitive wash. Damn is my skin sensitive now? I bought this before and my oily skin did not get along with it, infact it started making me break out, which sucked, so it just sat there until i needed it now.

I even called my dermatologist, and he was booked solid and plus it was a holiday weekend, and it was horrible. But I am glad that my skin is better now. I definitely have to exfoliate I'm sure there's a bunch of dead skin living on top of my living skin, suffocating it. one exfoliant i like is Cosmedicine Medi-morphosis Self Adjusting Exfoliator. It feels like the MAC microscrub but it doesn't feel like sandpaper, and isn't as harsh.

Ok so my skin was horrid, and I'm sick now, my throat hurts and i t feels like i have a tumor the size of a baseball in my throat and it hurts when i swallow or breathe the wrong way. damn it sucks. i hate this.

oh yeah one product that I totally hate since my skin was getting dry and the damn ppl at oil of olay suckered me into getting was this.

Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Moisturizing Treatment- it says it'll moisturize your skin and give you a lift. whatever the hell that means. it was heavy and sat on my skin. Not only that, it felt like my skin didn't absorb it and it was greasy. It was horrible. I can't believe I bought this product and used my $5 off coupon at duane reede for it too! I'm just gonna give it to my mom. It's a weird lavender color that doens't do anything for my incredibly dry skin.

Even though L'Occitane is having free shipping, i can't afford $36 for a moisturizer...sigh...

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Vanessa said...

Awwww feel better! I think im getting sick too and it sucks. And I hate this dry nasty weather, I find myself applying lotion to my hands and body like every 3 minutes....argh!