so my last post was a wee bit more serious than usual. so this post should cheer things up a little. And what cheers ppl up more? Bunnies. Yes but since we don't have any bunnies, we move onto the international dumpling tour that i went on with my friend who decided to do this for a business venture idea she had. So she's gonna make dumplings. Not just any dumplings international dumplings. Course she went to chef school so this is easy for her. She is going to be the Dumpling Queen! We all know what chinese dumplings taste like so there is no need to go taste those. She thought of trying different dumplings so that her dumpling business would have variety and it wouldn't get boring...yes...variety is good. So my friend dingdong had picked out a few select places to go try out dumplings from. It was cold that day, and I was still sick. I'm still sick now, but not as sick as before. So off we went into the city to start off our international dumpling tour....

First try korean dumplings....Our first stop was Mandoo Bar.

you have these cute little ladies making the dumplings in the window. Putting the meat into the skin and closing it up. boiling them, frying them. Its kinda cute.

These are the dumplings in the window...they make seafood, which is the orange skin, veggie, pork and kimchi ones...

so the first thing we ordered were the fried pork dumplings. Inside was pork with some veggie thing. They fried it very well, it was crisp and not too greasy. The skin was not too thick or too thin. But alas it was unremarkable. As chef ppl like to say it was unremarkable. I guess I'm used to the msg taste in chinese dumplings. Yay to MSG!

then we ordered the kimchi dumplings, which were steamed. You can't get any more Korean than kimchi right? Ok so let's see what they had to offer.

the first bite, you don't really taste anything really. The burn builds up slowly. By the second or third you start to feel it. It packs quite a kick! This is slightly above unremarkable. I like kimchi but not sure if everyone else in the world does, or likes their dumplings to be that spicy.

next stop Tibetan Kitchen. The first Tibetan restaurant in North America and has been in business for 23 years. so they're doing something right. When the Dali Lama is in NYC he eats there.

course they had strange hours 12-3 and then open till 5-11. We of course got there at 3. sigh. but we were lucky that they let us order out. And they let us wait inside and not in the cold.

it was very colorful inside. And they were playing Tibetan music i assume. The staff was very friendly and nice.

the ceiling was this huge blue dragon

we ordered beef momo. The staff was nice enough to let us eat it there, being that they said they had to be eaten once they were made or else they wouldn't taste good. We were just happy that we would be able to get to eat them, and that we got to eat them inside and not in the cold. They were unique in flavor and taste. It was a home made taste, something grandma would make in a sense, but then my grandma is a vegetarian, but you get the idea. there was something homey about them, and they didn't taste like beef as in a hamburger. It was definitely worth a try.

Next stop....Ukrainian Dumplings. There were 2 restaurants, that had pierogi, but we opted for the other one since it was more authentic. or so they say.

So here we ordered the different pierogis, potato, cheese, spinach, sauerkraut and mushroom. And don't forget the sour cream. it makes it oh so good.

Ok, so here it was below unremarkable. They were over boiled and the skin was just blah. The potato and cheese filling was good. But the skin just ruined it. They sauerkraut was finely chopped so i dunno it was just mushy. There is a polish restaurant Just Like Mothers that makes great pierogies! Their skin is thicker not as over boiled and I just love the mushroom and sauerkraut there. That's where i learned about the sour cream...

Ok so after that, we were stuffed and the pierogies left us feeling heavy. We walked to the last place, which was italian food, special ravioli, that was stuffed with pumpkin and seasoned and tossed with some other stuff. sounded good but we were done for the day after the pierogies...

so alas perhaps another time then...on our way walking we saw the plump dumpling...not to be confused with the dumpling man. there was a little controversy surrounding these two dumpling people. Oh no he didn't, oh yes he did! Oh catfight!

It was a very dumpling filled day. Special Thanks go out to DingDong. course along the way we see silly things...this being one of them. Is this truly necessary? Like does everything have to be green and organic now? Sigh...They better sell ferret stuff. this damn city is filled with stupid dog owners. I hate those little dogs that fit in your bag, those aren't dogs, those are annoying yappers that are going to be stepped on!

And then we saw some yummy desserts...hmmm desserts....

Ok and that ends the international dumpling tour. So many dumplings so little time. Though DingDong mentioned turkish dumplings...hmmmmm we like international many flavors...sadly only one tongue. I did speak to my Thai friend, and he said there were Thai dumplings but they were stolen from the chinese and altered and changed. I wondered if they were just spicer like their papaya salad or tom yum soup. Damn that is one nice soup...hee hee...getting hungry now....

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