ok, normally I'm not a bitch, but if you're one to me, I will call you on on it. So anyways, one thing that seriously annoyed me was I had this person who was my friend, but she constantly let me down, and was not dependable or reliable, she wasn't the brightest but hell she cared. Anyways she was desperate for a bf, and when she finally got one, she became one of those girls, yes the kind of girls that just do whatever their bf's tell them to do, even if their bf is a screw up, and STILL hasn't gotten a job since graduating from his undergrad. now i'm not one to judge, it took me a while to get a job after my undergrad. i couldn't find one after a couple of months and i needed $$$ so I caved and temped. it payed the bills and lead me to a perm position. Not bad right. this guy is still living at home, being a bum and blogging about his ever day boring routine. sigh. anyways my "friend" listens to everything he tells her to do, and apparently cannot be separated from him at all. she has canceled or let me down countless of times because of that. the day before her bf may not feel like going, and she wont show up. she'll txt me days later and give me a lame excuse. and for a while i forgave her for it. but then it reached this point where i was really depending on her for something and she completely flaked. and with that said i cut all ties with her, i did not need this negative energy in my life anymore.
i found out not too long ago that she somehow miraculously scored an internship with a fashion designer I had previously worked for. that's kinda odd, being that she applied before and was rejected repeatedly. I realized why she was getting rejected from interviews in general. She would bring her boyfriend to the interview. Seriously, not like wait for me outside the building, or wait in the lobby of the building and I'll go up to their office, but come with me upstairs to the reception and sit there and wait with me, and then wait here while i interview. That shows the person interviewing you, that you're
1. insecure
2. unable to work alone
3. dependent on others
4. unable to be independent or have a leadership role
5. unable to think for yourself if you're bf is telling you what to do

With that said, it felt a little weird that she got this internship. Not that I'm hating, but it was weird, that all this time they rejected you and now they accepted you. And then it dawned on me, she dropped names. She may have dropped my name and my other friend's name. My friend and I have the same name. And she works with the fashion designer, they go shopping for fabric once a week or so. So to drop her name means something. Now I was like hmmm, let me email my friend and tell her that someone maybe dropping her name to get in at her design house. I'm sure my friend doesn't appreciate that someone is dropping her name to get in, let alone if she doesn't know them. And I know that the fashion designer does not like being lied to or manipulated at all. Though it kinda saddens me in a way, that you let me down constantly, flaked out on me, and now that we're not friends you're still using me in a way to get this internship. like wow. thats kinda low.

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sophie aka 7 said...

weak women...sigh...i think we've all gone through abusive guys or at least have had friends that have had similar experiences...

obviously they're not going to last and its up to you if you want to be there for her when it's all over....but you should remember ur friendship BEFORE the jerk came along to decided whether or not her friendship is worthwhile =X

Vanessa said...

Giiirrrrl! When I read this entry I had chills because I have a "friend" that IS the exact same way, she is to this day STILL unhappy with the guy that can't even support himself let alone her AND has a kid by some chick who just married him for a greencard and got her pregnant the FIRST WEEK they started dated. FOR REAL!

And me and her are in between being friends and enemies right now because of all the bullshit she is trying to pull (she aint dropping my name) but she always tries to rain on my 'success' or at least success comparative to her life. She is the type of person that can complain for days on end and yet not say a word and actually do something about it and yet fools herself into thinking it's going to be like that the rest of her life regardless of what she does and that she will always be unhappy, yada yada yada....I just hope your "friend" gets what she deserves because that's really sad how some people are.

EtherealPrey said...

sophie aka 7: you're way nice, I want you to be my friend then :P

vanessa: damn girl! for real? someone smack her! smack her again! karma will come back for both of them!