I am so tired and fed up. seriously. this weekend was filled with drama and the fact that bitches wouldn't let me sleep. I swear, I wasn't able to sleep like a normal person. Weekends are suppose to be when you can sleep in, not this weekend. argh! go to sleep, get waken up by tv being watched by the loudest volume, ppl blahing outside the door, snoring, and if that wasn't fucking annoying enough, ppl decide to call me up fucking early in the morning for what reason? To cause up more drama! WTF! Seriously! Then more drama with turkeyday. I swear I was ready to say screw it all to hell I'm not doing it this year! Just cause we had deep fried turkey last year you expect it every year you ungrateful ppl! The fryer and propane are all at my mom's house by my aunt in her infinite wisdom decides that she wants it at my grandma's house! WTF! Grandma is a vegetarian and she doesn't appreciate you I dunno deep frying dead animals in her backyard. That's just at thought, but my aunt absolutely insisted. For what reason? Not a good one, just a lame one, apparently she wants to cook. *shudders* that turned out bad a few years ago. So bad that my brother had braced himself and ate an entire chicken before going there. That says a lot. So she wants to cook and she wants to do it at my grandma's house. My grandma doesn't' want a bunch of animals there dead being fried. after all it is HER house. Then my mom who's a complete moron, for a bunch of reasons, apparently never heard this commercial where you JUST SAY NO! WTF! OMG, so much drama not needed. my aunt is being totally retarded. My mom is being retarded. She couldn't just say no. sure we'll just move everything over. WTF! you're gonna inconvenience the ppl making the turkey cause you want to make bad food? Did I totally miss something? ARGH! So selfish and greedy of ppl! I'm so fucking tired of this!
And then my mom who's a moron seriously, doesn't want to do anything. Just wants to sit there and do nothing and have the turkey magically appear. But seriously I got so freaking infuriated and mad at her this weekend for this. I asked her how much oil was left, for the turkey fryer. She actually answers me that there's none left. I'm shocked as when we did it last time there was at least half of it left. She informs me that she used it. USED IT?! What do you mean you used it?! WTF did you use it on?! Seriously? She tells me that she used it for cooking! WTF! You used deep fryer turkey oil, fucking EXPENSIVE fryer oil for cooking!? That's FUCKING EXPENSIVE OIL! How do you use it for cooking!? Her response? It took me so LONG to use up all that oil! HOW THE FUCK DO YOU USE EXPENSIVE FYER OIL TO COOK WITH?! DID I NOT TELL YOU LAST TIME NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING? DID I NOT TELL YOU TO LEAVE IT ALONE? ITS FUCKING EXPENSIVE OIL! And she's a dumbass and tries to say that it would have gone bad. It lasts up to a 2 years! OMG! She insists that it would have gone bad and made a weird smell and shit. I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING AND TO LEAVE IT ALONE! That oil cost $45! $45 which you're obviously NOT going to reimburse me for, and you didn't. I was so mad I was yelling at her on the phone in the store. I was beyond pissed, this was seriously a dumbass thing she did. And she was so proud that she used up all the expensive oil. I don't understand why she can be so fucking dumb sometimes. I told my brother who also got mad. I told him that yes, she could have ruined turkey day, we would have brought over the turkey and hooked up the propane and there would have been NO oil. We wouldn't eat till 3 or 4 hours later cause we would have to shove it in the oven. He got mad at her, and I told him to watch over her and keep her for doing stupid shit ever again. Meanwhile my dad is nagging about how the turkey's skin is black and it was bad. That the flame was too high and that's why the skin was black. I was seriously about to loose it. Like WTF? You want the deep fried turkey right? So back off! What do YOU know about frying turkey? NOTHING! Shut up and back off. I don't want to hear your crap. I don't want to hear this crap from anyone. You all manipulate and demand that the turkey gets deep fried but everyone wants to nag and annoy the shit out of me. I'm so fucking annoyed, I'm so fucking tired of this. I'm just about to say fuck this, you go make your own fucking turkey and I'm going elsewhere!
Meanwhile the creepy old man,(my creepy old father in law) is nagging and whining about the turkey in his fridge. shut up! God, we're defrosting it. shit, you can't cook a frozen turkey you know! Why don't you take it over to your mom's house since you're deep frying it. WTF? Did you just not listen? Guess not cause you know tv's not at the loudest volume. Everyone's fucking complaining and bitching. Shit do you want turkey or not? Cause I'll just not do it and not bring it and you can shove a fucking 14lb bird into the oven then!
I am so not in the mood for this shit! Everyone is driving me fucking crazy!!!!!

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sophie aka 7 said...

ur writing is so poetic =) were u an english major?

Fei said...

Haha. The banter between you and your mom read like an Amy Tan book. There's always some mom and daughter drama.