restaurant week. yay! where you get to eat a good amount, for a fair price. 24.07 for lunch. 35 for dinner at all these great resturants that most of us probably wouldn't go to, or afford to go t. but it's all good. so for dinner it was city crab, mostly because angelo and maxi's was being a bitch. we're totally booked we can put you on a waiting list. whatever bitches.

so we went to city crab instead, we were going to try out their rest. week menu, but whatever, we looked at their main menu and it cost the same to order off there what did we stuff our fat faces with?

city crab

crab, shrimp artichoke dip, quite yummy

my pan seared chilean sea bass with galicy spinach, sun dried tomates and artichokes. yes i like artichokes

and yes dessert...warm brown with vanilla ice cream, and chocolate and carmel sauce...

yes that left me quite stuffed...

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Vanessa said...

hi etherealprey!!! NY looks gorgeous!