so on monday while i was wandering around 34th street they were giving out these free doggy bags from Pedigree. It's part of their shameless advertising for the dog show there. But I do like their new campaign with mulder narrating, i know how to sit, I know how to roll over, but what I don't know is why i'm here. I always wonder why ppl get dogs and then set them free or dump them or treat them so badly. i never understand why people are so mean to animals. what did they ever do to you? some people are so screwed up, they totally deserve to go to hell.
anyways here's the bag I got

isn't it cute? and here's the insides

they gave some nice stuff, and then they donated a dollar to no kill shelters if u visited the big dog house.

and the toy fair pics! well I didn't really take that many pics, but here's what was inisde the bag of stuff I got. They weren't that nice to us cause we weren't buyers so they didn't let us take as much stuff. poo on them...

the bright orange bag!

the stuff I looted from them. I got a big poster too!

close up of the stuff. the director was huge and thick! everyone in the toy industry was there. but those damn LEGO people were mean and wouldn't let us go and see what they were hiding...poo on them...

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