my retarded co workers are talking about furs, and I am so disgusited, could be the hours of animal planet I saw, but they are like yes mink is better no fox fur is better, geez I'm sure the fox and the minks were happy once, i'm sure they were just chilling and then some asshole picks them up, snaps their necks so some ugly fat bitch like you can swear them. Yeah. just fucking great. and as they talk it disguists me more. I mean are you that shallow and self absorbed here? Maybe I sound like those stickers, fur is dead, why are you wearing fur? Old ppl wear fur and they don't know better. Geez, seriously my lame ass co workers are trying to pretend to be rich again, grow up, you'll never be rich you'll never be anything, and dressing up for the firm xmas party is just lame, who are you trying to look good for? I ask the (O) one, she goes for myself, yeah right, if you're trying to snag a man here, then you really are a loser! Geez, I wouldn't want to wear some part of a dead animal, geez you'd think after all these years of evolution, someone would finally grow a fuckin brain but I guess not. Humans are no better than animals, I don't see any rabbits killin other animals for their fur. Though I could picture it wearing gortex for some reason.

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