And so life goes on, nobody truly notices what happens we survive and move on, how we push past all this. How we cope and deal. Nobody notices or cares, unless it affects them...and so i saw him again...we argued during the break and we finally saw each other again. It was strange to say the least...but life goes on much like many things...and so another semester starts and classes start...i hate class, and i hate school. My classes are crazy, I swear one of my teachers are on crack. Thr stuff is crazy as well. Sketching stuff and other crap, that's just crazy..but i go on. Another semester after this one and all will be well...sigh...what else? life is moving along. My roomate is driving me crazy to say the least, she's loud and vulgar, and rude, well so am I, but there is a point, she's driving me crazy, tryin to move, should have moved when I had the tired of all this crap...I hate taking chinese, i wish the damn teacher passed me so i couldn't have to do this again, but argheth...this just sucks to say the least...sigh...i am tired of all this...i really am...i want to get out of here. This place swallows us whole if we're not careful.
It feels as if i'm falling down, and there's nobody there to catch me, I'm falling, drifting away from me. Falling away from me.

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