So you tested and tested me to see how far you could push me right? Well fine now I'm pushing back and where are you? No where to be found because you know the deal, you know what's gonna happen, you know what' I'm going to say. You betrayed me, my friendship and everything because your fucked up in the head. You've got some warped mentality. You go after your friend's gf because you have low self esteem and you need it to make you feel better, because you're a sick mofo, because you get off on it somehow. Because you have commitment issues. because you can't deal with anything. So you figure it's safe to do this, you think it's ok because no one's ever said anything to you because they can't believe you did it in the first place you sick mofo. You chase after the girlfriend, and when and if you do get her, it's a damn game, and you don't want her because you don't want to deal with commitement, because your dad left you and you have abandonment issues...because your first gf cheated on you, because you have all these reasons why you do this. Because you're fucked up in the head, and way more than I EVER will be. You find an excuse for everything, and you wonder why your'e alone. Because nothing is sacred to you. Because you don't care about anyone but yourself you fucked up bastard. All you know how to do is fuck shit up because you think you're entitled to it because of what happened to you. Well deal with it. Suck it up and deal. We all have issues, you just use yours as an excuse to do all this warped stuff.
I was stupid enough to care about how you felt, if you were ok, and u used it against me. You used it all against me, you made it a weakness. You sick bastard. You cant' deal so you do this. You say you're my friend, but you test me, u want to see how far u can push it. You test me constantly. You think this is all a game. You do things to get a reaction out of me. You do it on purpose. You are a sick mofo. I can't believe you can be that warped, and pretend to be my friend as well. WTF! You expect me to feel sorry for you even after what you've done. You don't expect me to kick you while you're down. You were never down. You fell down, and were too pathetic to get back up. No one held you down. No one kicked you. You fell, and you want me to pick up the pieces and baby you. You want me to follow you around like a puppy. You want me because you can't have me. No matter what you do, you will never have me. EVER. Not even my friendship because effective immediately I am revoking it. I'm leaving your sorry whiny ass. You smoke up because you need inspiration. You drink because you're alone, and you fuck up shit because you need to get off someone right? And you wonder why you're alone. Stop fucking up like that. I don't feel sorry for you, I dont feel anything for you because you're just another dick in this world. You're just an asshole that needs to put in his place. Don't pretend to be confused, because I know you're not. You go after someone attached because you don't want commitment, because you can't deal. And after that you expect us to be friends? Please. Be happy I don't rip your dick off and fuck you with it. Be happy I don't hang you by your pubic hair. Be happy that I don't break my foot off in your ass. Be happy that you're alone, totally alone now. Because you're a fuck up and I don't want anything to do with you anymore. Evil bastard. Lie to me. Betray me. Liar.

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