So I try to be me and relax a little on the weekend like most normal people do but it ends up all crappy cause freaking hell all this annoying stuff starts to happen. And today wasn't that great either. More like a backlash of yesterday. Where I just didn't want to hear this shit anymore, but people felt the need and urge to repeat it over and over again like a nail being pounded into my skull. I didn't need that. As my friends were getting drunk, I had to correct the minutes and all this other bullshit. So I fix it, and then send it over via email, hotmail sucks and i had to share it on my comp and then that was over. I still have to hand in the minutes to make it all good. Let's see so as I'm tryin to do this my drunken friends bring upon themselves to freaking keep calling me and buggin me about annoying shit that I honestly don't care about.

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