So I finally scored tix to see the foo fighters...which it totally love...argeth...and everyone sayd roseland doesn't have assigned seating and all...but it turns out it pissing me off! I'm like what the hell? And my thr buddies have seats a few rows pisses me off! Then again a bunch of thigns are pissing me off these days...
I had the most unfortunate luck of seeing my ex today...very disturbing...yes i know. the last person i want to see was him. Before i saw him with my former bitch of a godsis, that was even more disturbing.
And yes I'm relapsing a whole bunch today. Why you ask? Because I had a chance encounter with HIM again...who is this HIM? Where do I begin? Well I encountered him again, and I felt better this time, stronger maybe, but not by that much. I like blue and it when he wears it, it brings out the color more in his eyes. The way he just pushes back his hair, and then smiles at me. Goddess why does he have to do that? He knows it makes me weak and all. And the way he looks down at his clothes to see if something's wrong as I look at them, yes the bummy look, the nerdy look, damn it all cause I like it, or maybe it's just the fact that he wears it and I'm just weak? Yeah that must be it. I know that I should totally get over this but hell I can't. All I want is this feeling inside me to stop, but why doesn't it? My warped little psyche is just argh! Life seriously sucks! It's just fucking with me!
What else? My lazy suitemate...every Wed the lady comes and cleans the bathroom, everyone else in the suite takes their stuff out except for her, is she really that lazy? I mean she really is, she doens't do it and expects us to do it for her. damn what does she think this is? Her house where she can be as lazy as she wants? And she knows it too, and she just leaves it in there. I get so annoyed cause I end up taking her shit out or else the lady won't clean it. I mean last week she was up and she goes into her room and hides while I let the cleaning lady in and take her shit out. Talk about a lazy bitch. And she doesn't freakin close the stall door when she uses it, I mean are we that lazy now? we're not in your house and nobody wants to see your ass sitting on the toliet, so please just cover yourself up! Damn girl! Talk about lazy right?

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