I seriously can't stand her, I spend way too much time with her extremely sorry ass and I do mean sorry, it's completely obvious that she's so inlove with this little shit, and this is all she can talk about, I mean cmon, get al ife. I mean does she actually think he will like her back? He's too much of a prick and he's fucking around with a redhead. So she and the blonde are talking and gushing over him. I'm like you two are so vindictive, I suppose my fobby friend is at that first stage of giddyness while the blonde is at the bitter, I want to get revenge stage, which I have passed. I look at the two of them and reallize that he has affected them and left his mark on them in a way. While I manage to forge ahead it's taking them longer. I suppose, but still she needs to get over some stuff.
My fobby friend is so fobby, I can't believe she wears these fob clothes, looks like she got off the boat or something. She wears these fob sweatpants and these ugly fob sweaters, and these bright white sneakers that look like tampons. I mean cmon get with it. She says she doesn't need a makeover, but in all honestly she does. I mean hello! fob meter is going off the hook here. Her pants are tight on her legs and baggy on her ass. She smells, and seriously needs to learn to shave. She's got this china doll fob cut and thinks that she doesn't need to change to get a guy. She doesn't want to work at anything. If someone asks her for something, she'll just stand there and space out and pretend not to hear. Talk about lazy. I hate lazy people that don't do shit. That just sit there all day and expect other people to do shit for them. She doesnt' want to take the blame or heat for anything, she needs to grow up and get with it. She doesn't have a job cause she says she's busy, last semester she had nothing going on, she was just doing nothing. She's lazy as hell. And two nights ago as I was doing my thing and putting the costumes away, i knock over a bin of pins, buttons and safety pins and i'm on all fours picking them up, she walks in sits down on the chair and starts blah blahing and gushing over the guy she's in love with. I'm like could you be any more selfish?
I hate lazy people. My suitemate who's too fucking damn lazy to take her shit out of the bathroom, left her shit in there, and because of that, the lady refused to clean the bathroom. Now it's really skanky cause she's so damn lazy. I swear what does she think this is? We're not her mom and we're not gonna be doing this shit for her. she needs to grow up. I really hate lazy ass people who expect people to do shit for them. That so pisses me off.

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