I know I should be sane and normal but eh who ever is? I suppose it is the evil side of me that is showing now, my insanity breeds inside. He commands my attention, demands it, he demands my respect yet he gives me none. Last night I realized that he wasn't worth it, he never was. But I course being the nut that I am, couldn't overcome this obstacle. My friend said not to waste time over this, because obviously I had tried this before and it didn't work, so why am I wasting me time over this? Why am I wasting energy trying to get something that I had tried before and I couldn't get it? Makes no sense. Nothing ever does. But my friend had vility in his story. I was beinga nut. I was just not being able to process anything. I should be stronger. I should be but I don't think I am. I will be at the end. I will be strong and I will overcome this. one day at a time. Though it bugs me that he chose THAT over me. That is just worng and foul, but then again, who cares? right? I should be over this stupid little shit. I should be but I'm not. I feel inadequate sometimes, that's what he has over me. In my warped little psyche I want his acceptance, but I know I'll never get it, so why am I bothering to try? I shouldn't anymore
Tomorrow is another day, a new day that I will have to start out fresh. I will have to overcome, I will have to have the strength to move on past this bullshit. What or who he is no longer matters. To me he is nothing but a ghost of the past.
Tomorrow I re-create myself, and I will not fall. Tomorrow I will be strong. I will be me.

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